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Entertainment earth-Tricorder small Messenger bag.

For summer if you like to travel light without a jacket because it’s too warm, also around urbanely, and carrying your stuff around moderately in a side bag from your Jacket…. Then this maybe a solution for you..? It’s a “Star trek Tricorder messenger Bag” is great for your everyday street science wear…. Its design is base of from the Star Trek the Original Series Tricorder in which Spock and Doctor Leonard McCoy… looking at the size(8 3/4-inches tall x 6 1/8-inches wide x 2 3/4-inches long). .. it basically can carry the most basics.. Couple of moleskin notebooks, few pens, smart phone, some cosmetics… Or whatever that you carry designwise in your each one of your dailies platters of gearage you had in mind..   it has a top loading opening, with a series of magnetic paneling to reveal the classic lines of a Starfleet TR-107 Tricorder.. With its black leathering skin, with those silvery ribbon lined… it has very strong durable carry over the shoulder strap also its size its beautifully hands free practically without bumping into things…

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