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When it comes to parts inventory or logistics for maintaining a fleets of various Aircraft in airliner, or back in the STS-Space Transportation System- Space Shuttle Program massive amount of aviation parts warehouse were built to house various from critical major to minor components in which getting those spare parts can for those aircraft can be delivery timely from the suppliers or manufacturers…… in which Emirates Airlines have been looking for innovative alternatives since 2014 to getting Bespoke parts…

One innovative solution is done in with collaboration with 3D systems among with Emirates Airlines is finding ways of replacing interior cabin parts in which having by passing the manufacturer of origin in a rapid amount of time, in which of manufacturing those parts inhouse of reverse engineering those parts with 3D scanning then enabling those scans into a Computer Aid Design 3D printing software with then 3D Printing in also the Airliner doesn’t own the CAD files.. in which innovation leads obtaining the reverse engineering into parametric CAD files that becomes your tooling.. Then the powder plastic becomes your inventory..  …

This additive manufacturing leads to non-constraints of design rules it allows you to gives an extra edge of creatively from 3D printing the venation grids in which leading towards the using SLS fire retardant materials printing in which the material becomes stronger than the original material used for the cabin interior also ready available.. in which creates a cost effective logistics inventory….

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