WARCRAFT-WETA | Constructing Durotan the Orc for Madame Tussaud’s London….


As Madame Tussaud’s newest residences in London is featuring Durotan, also other characters from Lothar form the movie Warcraft based on Legendary studio and production of the World of Warcraft MMORPG,   in which is now in screening  at the moment for the southern hemisphere winter season of 2016….  One of the newly acquired residences is Durotan, Durotan is constructed out from animation components of the film in which has taken 2711 hours , 55 technicians,  80 kilograms of clay to 3D printed the structure also other components are molded structured out from clay to form the cast later on in which the structure of Durotan taken ninety silicon molds, seven fiberglass components combining with ninety Kilograms of steel skeleton to hold the structure together as all the components are assemble the crew taken over hundreds of hours of painting.. With incredible detail like the ANZAC works that can be found in Tepa in Wellington..  with that incredible detail 463 hours of hair installments  with 15 meters of leather to costume 2.2 meter tall life size figure of Durotan..   it should be interesting to see what other characters of Weta Workshop has constructed for the Warcraft residences..