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One of the most traditional ways of making a ring when you wonder as you look at yours around your fingers it’s started from design on paper then  it gets crafted in molded clay or constructed in metal then casted like the same way it’s been done like weapons fabrication of sword.. Then it gets polished refined crafted with the beautifully gem stones set in that delicate durable setting..

Until today when technology catches up when 3D printing comes into the equation off designing it on a computer with a 3D printed CAD software type to aid in the creating that unique crafted design digitally when “Vowsmith”   decidedly to be innovative of creating that mold of the customed crafted ring within the software then it gets 3D printed with a “3D Systems Multi Jet Printer” as it gets printed it’s gets glued to a holding post so it gets securely prepared in the mold for casting..  Once casted metallically it’s finished polishing at the Jewelers workshop with the Jem Stones then its gets sent to the customer…

It comes in different metal finishes in either, Platinum, white yellow or rose gold in various mixture in durable fourteen or eighteen Karats with three Diamonds in .267 Carats size intended settings for everyday wear as the design is very simple for and there’s no raise settings in which could not catch or tear the fabrics of a dress or clothing …

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