FINAL FANTASY 13 |Lightning- Claire Farron the new face for Louis Vuitton..!


As Lightning-Claire Farron, “Square Enix” and “Louis Vuitton” collaborates with the Series Four Collection in which was featured in last year’s run in sneak of women’s spring  2016 Collection… featuring very light fabrics, with an industrial look like it’s fashion on Cocoon… and in the fashion street scene of  Nova Chrysalia, in with of Lightning’s first look …  The creation of the first look of Lightning’s wearing her signature pink hair, with a matching leather jack with backpacking stripes jacket pockets with a leather skirt like long shorts featuring mostly of Louis Vuitton hand bags pouches and clutches.. Also wearing a silvery metallic dress fashioned like something that of her younger alter Lumina would where… While wearing a princess beautiful head band, a much more elegant look than from the last we saw her in striking casually dressed, in white blouse with tight tan trousers with heels to go with the attire in countryside France visiting her sister for her wedding  with Snow Villars..

The new face for Louis Vuitton.. Lightning – Claire Farron..

As part of the creation women’s 2016 spring collection collaboration is by Square Enix,  with Final Fantasy creator, designer Tetsuya Nomura… Lightning- Claire Farron will be featured on many campaign advertising during the 2016 January calendar month also she is the featured face for Louis Vuitton.. Also founding Lightning- Claire Farron is the reflection of a courageous heroine for women.. Also to honor her aswell … also it should be interesting what further more of the collaboration has to show and what’s to come..

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