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As the last time you saw Lightning- Claire Farron from final fantasy 13 Lightning returns, after defeating a God Bhunivelze, reuniting with her sister Serah Farron in which she wants to see her marry the now mature Snow Villars in the Country side of France….

In this we see her once again modelling “Louis Vuitton”” Series four collections” in which was featuring the Women’s spring summer 2016 collection, featuring very light fabrics, with an industrial look with splashes of summery metallic.. The creation of the first look of Lightning’s wearing her signature pink hair, with a matching leather jack with backpacking stripes jacket pockets with a leather skirt like long shorts featuring mostly of Louis Vuitton hand bags pouches and clutches.. Also wearing a slivery metallic dress fashioned like something that of her alter Lumina would where… While wearing a princess beautiful head band.. The Louis Vuitton series four teasers is produced by in by Visual Works in with featuring the music score from the game…  Blinded by light – the battle theme music during gameplay… Lightning – Claire Farron is created by Tetsuya Nomura and Square Enix…  or thought this is the first teaser of what’s to come in seeing the trailer of what’s lightning is up to these days..

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