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Given that you’re in the Northern Hemisphere and you stuck in, snowed in for the winter from a winter’s storm, and the” Doctor who Christmas Special” “Husbands of River Song” just aired or about to be aired on a snowy Christmas Day in which features Alex Kingston reprising her role as Melody Pond – River Song, the Doctor’s wife… in this we see the adventures of River Song in what’s she’s been up to, in this festive episode and where we left of from what the Doctor ( Peter Capaldi)  has been up to ever since when Clara, or the Doctor Clara Oswald ( Jenna Coleman) ..  left in her own  Type 40 TARDIS in adventuring the long way round back to Gallifrey with Me ( Maisie Williams- Arya Stark- Game of Thrones)


In preparation to the” Christmas specials”, why not catching up on the previous ones with the 10th Doctor (David Tenant) 11th Doctor (Matt Smith) in their Christmas Specials adventures. Where usually, the Christmas Specials give very important in-depth insights of what’s to come in the upcoming season ahead…  also it’s best to watch them in order chronologically  with a good warm brewages of tea, apples, some Jammy Dodgers to snack on while watching the Christmas Special Marathon.

1965- The Feast of Steven (Season 3)

2005- The Christmas Invasion (Series 2)

2006- The Runaway Bride (Series 3)

2007- Voyage of the Damned (Series 4)

2008- The Next Doctor (Series 4)

2009- The End of Time: Part One (Series 4)

2010- A Christmas Carol (Series 5)

2011- The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe (Series 6)

2012- The Snowmen (Series 7)

2013- The Time of the Doctor (Series 7)

2014- Last Christmas (Series 8)

2015 – The Husbands of River Song ( season 9)


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