DOCTOR WHO | A Classic Christmas Specials.. Your indoor winter’s marathons hide…!


Given that you’re in the Northern Hemisphere and you stuck in, snowed in for the winter from a winter’s storm, and the” Doctor who Christmas Special” “Husbands of River Song” just aired or about to be aired on a snowy Christmas Day in which features Alex Kingston reprising her role as Melody Pond – River Song, the Doctor’s wife… in this we see the adventures of River Song in what’s she’s been up to, in this festive episode and where we left of from what the Doctor ( Peter Capaldi)  has been up to ever since when Clara, or the Doctor Clara Oswald ( Jenna Coleman) ..  left in her own  Type 40 TARDIS in adventuring the long way round back to Gallifrey with Me ( Maisie Williams- Arya Stark- Game of Thrones)


In preparation to the” Christmas specials”, why not catching up on the previous ones with the 10th Doctor (David Tenant) 11th Doctor (Matt Smith) in their Christmas Specials adventures. Where usually, the Christmas Specials give very important in-depth insights of what’s to come in the upcoming season ahead…  also it’s best to watch them in order chronologically  with a good warm brewages of tea, apples, some Jammy Dodgers to snack on while watching the Christmas Special Marathon.

1965- The Feast of Steven (Season 3)

2005- The Christmas Invasion (Series 2)

2006- The Runaway Bride (Series 3)

2007- Voyage of the Damned (Series 4)

2008- The Next Doctor (Series 4)

2009- The End of Time: Part One (Series 4)

2010- A Christmas Carol (Series 5)

2011- The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe (Series 6)

2012- The Snowmen (Series 7)

2013- The Time of the Doctor (Series 7)

2014- Last Christmas (Series 8)

2015 – The Husbands of River Song ( season 9)


DOCTOR WHO- Milk- VFX | behind the scenes- 50TH Anniversary Day of the Doctor breakdown…?

During the year of 2013 on the 23rd of November, in coming up the Christmas Special of “Doctor Who”  ,” The Day of the Doctor” in where in London National Gallery… where this painting  where it’s too much deem too much for Public Consumption.. As it dates back to the time of Elisabeth Royal the first where in a time somewhere in the constellation of Kasterborous, a constant war is happening till the end of time till Gallifery’s destruction by the Daleks… As also another war Zygons invasion is looming is on earth in relates to the same painting in UNIT’S Tower of London…

In this episode we get to see the two Doctors (Matt Smith’s & David Tenant’s) and one War Doctor ( John Hurt), solve the age old problem is to interpret the “ No More, Gallifrey falls”  in this we see themselves solving how to save Gallifrey in its final destruction moment with the wise Companion Clara Oswald to keep them grounded..

BBC- Doctor Who- THE DAY OF THE DOCTOR- by Milk Visual Effect Company

With this in mind to”Milk- VFX” produces to tell the story in in the pinnacle in creating the Special effects throughout the..  Using intense matte Background design prescribe with the scenes with the add either using from green screen then later composition into multiple digitally layering components that makes up that required scene, thoughout the from the Painting, in a devastating attack on Gallifrey from the battle worn streets of Arcadia to the breached shielding of the Citadel with the firing poundings from the all Dalek fleet can muster.. As the Warlords Gallifreyan Citadel war room is under constant Dalek pounding firing …

Then to the three in between with that Barn in which the young youthful years that The Doctor Slept in with that Portal showing up in between bound to be stopped Zygons occupied Royal Elizabethan Earth… with the Zygons in operations of Multiplications, and teleportation in from the Paintings to the Real world… with The Thirteen Hero TARDIS in the vortex in the same time, to create a void bubble to Jump Gallifrey in the storyline …

DOCTOR WHO | Amateur Adventures of – Me, You and Doctor Who…?


In this Matthew Sweet Talks to, about the Enthusiastic Gary Russell one of the key Novelistic writers for “Doctor who” also the “BBC” as Director and Editor for scripts and Doctor Who Audio Books…  and how he made audio novels on audio Cassettes, with that in mind it created experimentation’s of crafting how they created today’s awesome storytelling  episodes … Starting of where the Russell T Davies crafted for the return of the Ninth Doctor and onwards with Steven Moffatt Doctor’s …

DOCTOR WHO |tributing those wonderful nine years of Who- between 2005 to 2014.


Found this brilliant fan made composition of all the years of Doctor Who between 2005 to 2014 tributingly to the 9th, 10th, 11th to the 12th presently to Doctor Regeneration, complying the best moments of four current ones from a You Tuber “TheFallofTheEleventh” .…. Interesting enough thinking he missed John Hurt’s War Doctor… event though he was the Warrior generation after Paul McGann’s movie Doctor.. And loving how they written to tie up the loses ends after Paul’s Doctor in the Planet Khan.. for the 50th Doctor Who Anniversary…

Also here are some memorable moments  between them and there companions…


Ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston- “before I go, I just want to tell you are fantastic… “

Tenth Doctor David Tennant- “Trenzalore- really we need a new destination.. I don’t want to go…”

Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith- “I would not forget one line of this… Not one day.. I swear.. I always remember…  When the Doctor was me… “

Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi –“Just One Questions.. Do you know how to fly this thing.. !?”



DOCTOR WHO | 3D 50th Anniversary Trailer – a VFX Breakdown

“ Hallo again…” “ Allons-y…”  10th Doctor meeting up with his 11th

Found brilliantly fan made Doctor who 50th anniversary trailer centric around three generations of the Doctor David’s, Matt, and Hurt’s War Doctor… Also it’s how a brief intrude of the three in that moment of that moment of pushing that red button…. and you know what that red button can do..?  In this you’ll see how this was made by John Smith has brilliant composition in a three months work in a period of fifty five hours to achieve the renderings in compiling twice stereoscopic 3D of each single shot off both sides… the software used in the production to produce the 50th Adobe after effects, Premiere, Photoshop, also Autodesk Maya… as explain in the playlist above..