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During the year of 2013 on the 23rd of November, in coming up the Christmas Special of “Doctor Who”  ,” The Day of the Doctor” in where in London National Gallery… where this painting  where it’s too much deem too much for Public Consumption.. As it dates back to the time of Elisabeth Royal the first where in a time somewhere in the constellation of Kasterborous, a constant war is happening till the end of time till Gallifery’s destruction by the Daleks… As also another war Zygons invasion is looming is on earth in relates to the same painting in UNIT’S Tower of London…

In this episode we get to see the two Doctors (Matt Smith’s & David Tenant’s) and one War Doctor ( John Hurt), solve the age old problem is to interpret the “ No More, Gallifrey falls”  in this we see themselves solving how to save Gallifrey in its final destruction moment with the wise Companion Clara Oswald to keep them grounded..

BBC- Doctor Who- THE DAY OF THE DOCTOR- by Milk Visual Effect Company

With this in mind to”Milk- VFX” produces to tell the story in in the pinnacle in creating the Special effects throughout the..  Using intense matte Background design prescribe with the scenes with the add either using from green screen then later composition into multiple digitally layering components that makes up that required scene, thoughout the from the Painting, in a devastating attack on Gallifrey from the battle worn streets of Arcadia to the breached shielding of the Citadel with the firing poundings from the all Dalek fleet can muster.. As the Warlords Gallifreyan Citadel war room is under constant Dalek pounding firing …

Then to the three in between with that Barn in which the young youthful years that The Doctor Slept in with that Portal showing up in between bound to be stopped Zygons occupied Royal Elizabethan Earth… with the Zygons in operations of Multiplications, and teleportation in from the Paintings to the Real world… with The Thirteen Hero TARDIS in the vortex in the same time, to create a void bubble to Jump Gallifrey in the storyline …

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