JURASSIC WORLD | Teaser Trailer… Dinosaurs Action…?

On 12th of June 2015 Universal Pictures release the next intense adventure installment for the Jurassic park is “Jurassic World”.with “ Masrani Global”.. it’s set twenty two years after the incident at Isla Nublar, the Park itself.. as those past years the park was John Hammond  envision  with the cloning of Dinosaurs out from a ambered mosquito  and creating a tourist centric theme park..  As the years gone after by in recreating that Park with a larger dangerous intent in mind… in which that world pro was filmed in 3D in which you probably be scared in your seats..

Looking at the teaser trailer, Jurassic World features all the past elements of the first with the control room with a concerning Claire- Bryce Dallas Howard (Twilight saga- Breaking Dawn)…  As a younger self of Sam Neil’s Character Doctor Alan Grant… To Owen who is played by Christ Patt (Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy)…  Screenplayed by Colin Trevorrow, co-written with Derek Connolly Michael Crichton, Rick Jaffa, and Amanda Sliver also directed by Colin Trevorrow… the next expected trailer is due in about three days least…

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