3D PRINTING | Making Yourself reliving into that Marvel Character that you want to be…?

During Comic Con San Diego 2014, at the “Marvel” Studio “3Dplus Me” Stand, there’s one pretty cool thing interestingly that you could have yourself 3D printed into your favorite Marvel Characters, with your imprinted scan Face as you sit on the opposing side of the booth.. As once 3D Systems did for 3Dme for your “Star Trek- the Original series characters”

The process takes that you sit on the opposing side of the booth, wait for slight while as the facial scan of you face getting every single possible geometrical detail in scale, and photo as it imprinted onto the scan to get the facial colour tones…the process is quite very simple..

Then you pick the Marvel Characters that you what to relive in through a selection process, then you enter your details of delivery where you want to send to..  then you see  yourself reliving been that Super Hero Character..

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