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As you play on Star Trek online, then also you might want to try out Star Trek-Bridge Crew as the next level of interactive immersive of putting yourself out there with along with other friends to command a Kelvin timeline class StarShip USS Aegis or in the original Bridge of the original Constitution Class StarShip the USS Enterprise..  As you take part taking in becoming in assigning with different operations role of the Starship along with your friends with a virtual reality head set that’s played on PlayStation four ‘s VR, HTC Vivo or  the  Oculus Rift VR headsets.. As it released out on the 30th June 2017, by developer Red Storm Entertainment in collaboration with Ubisoft

As you and your friends, partake as officers on the Bridge with various operations role to perform to in which each collaborative decisions that you take together in determine the fate of the outcome with your ship as you progressively explore the Milk Way.. As Starfleet dispatches your crew, with the USS Aegis to a unexplored section of space, that unexplorationary section is call the Trench.. Beautiful the section of that unexplorationary of space is… There’s something not right in that sector as you begin to charted that unknown section… … Within it there are the elements of Klingon’s,  in which you determine to make peace or break in order to secure the location for the United Federation of Planets claim to the unexplored section of space.. ..

There are many interesting elements to Star Trek –Bridge Crew.. you face various depending situations that you undertake with your friends, that each operation that you take as that officer making critical choices socially together has you operate on your station in keeping your ship, as you take commands decisions with your chosen captain out from your group. The VR environments is immersive detailing rich as you can play either gender roles as a female or male officer with the fitting uniform of that time like a another version of Star Trek Online with the basics of a MMORPG also without it’s complexities…..

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