#ROCKETLAB | #NewZealandMade #ElectronRocket- Mahia Peninsula from #ItsATest launch complex one – launch profile…!


As the building up to the to the launch window during the 22nd of May 2017, there’s been few weather related setbacks but none of technical issues came across towards the final launch that happen on the 26th May 2017, in which on a partially clouded day with the right launching environmental weathering criteria, The Launched of the Rocket Lab was initiated nicknamed “IT’S A TEST”  As New Zealand has become the ninth space industry country to be commercially  soon in launching payloads into orbit,  from New Zealand  north island west coast line in Mahia Peninsula from it  firstly New Zealand’s home-grown constructed Electron Rocket launch complex facilities.. In which taken from many inspirational designs from the early days of NASA, SpaceX, also from the Soyuz rocket launcher systems…

With is their sleek All Black sporting flag colour like Air New Zealand’s 21st Century livery that’s now iconic.. so is now the Rocket Lab’s Electron rocket comes with many New Zealand made innovations, in the hulling shell of the rocket is made out from durable sleek Carbon fibre with its innovative home grown clustered Rutherford Oxygen-Kerosene 3D printed Engines in which akin to the same design linage to the Soyuz, SpaceX, Blue Origin engine clustering…. The Electron is interesting innovative it’s takes many elements of Plug and Payload in which the payload make it easier to install at the Assembly building facilities.

As Rocket Lab’s Electron Rocket starts with in currently certification process in various launch testing that been in currently previously done from its first launch, in progressive process in creating its own standard in launching various of payloads, this show the simulated potential of the of the Electron deploying its first payload from a two staging rocket system in getting low orbit payloads accessible into low earth orbit..

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