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Another New Zealand innovation that caught my attention while at the Cloud at the Queen’s wharf, Auckland’s viduact,  is the Rocket lab, Instant Eyes.  During  2009 November 30th , Rocket lab made an important mile stone for New Zealand’s innovation, one happen to be the innovation of commercial rocket company in beginning stages of the development. It took time for Rocket lab to develop the technology themselves from the ground up.

Now they’re developing intelligence gathering devices through the concept of launching low attitude probes to gather observation aerial view of the, launched from a rocket, jettison from within 20 seconds and seeing buildings from above that could giving the ground troops critical life or death situations decisions providing those vital , very critical data coverage at a safe distance at 300 meters live stream to any wireless device in the field of operations.

Instant eyes is a hand held device it has a red trigger on the lanuch tube,  it’s propell by a soild rocket fuel rocket motor, like the ones that are found on the SRB (Solid Rocket Boosters for additional lift). Once it’s launched it reaches to a height of one Kilometer for thirteen seconds to do it’s perform task of being parachuted down gently  to take high resolution imaging in real time of the targeting zone.

It has a altitude of one Kilometers, field of view of one Kilometer, has a image resolution of five megapixels, having weighting at half a kilogram, also can be ready to deployment within 20 seconds.

For more information check out Rocket lab.

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