STAR TREK | Chasing the Infinity Sky- USS ALBATROSS- 2016 a brilliant fan short film…


Found brilliant –beautiful made “Star Trek” fan film of the adventures of the USS Albatross in the Kelvin Timeline as it prepares to leave its Earth’s orbital Drydock as one Miranda Class type ship USS Texas approaching Mars on Stardate 2288.42.. Then the USS Texas orders are redirected as it goes through various Speed Harden Starfleet Warp Speed exercises to test her crew and her systems… as the USS Texas goes through one testing in its story, another one is about to tell hers as her Captain flies over the Pacific ocean towards her as she berth in Drydock- USS Albatross- with an more advance warp drive- Quantum Warp…  The Albatross is a sleek beautiful sleek heavily modified Miranda Class with her own style ship like you meeting a intelligent brilliant beautiful young bridesmaid girl whom is dress in a white sleek halter silk dress with warp blue silky ribbon strappy roman heels with that warp blue ribbons in a bow belt, whom that girl will become your companion.. Also if you get her angry you’ll regret doing so..

The various graphics are Kelvin Timeline based with the ascent of bringing various plots within those scenes, as the crew of the Albatross… Visuals Albert Martinez and Richard Elliott… produced with various graphics software..

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