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During this year’s Comic Con San Diego- a major announcement as part of the 50th year anniversary of “Star Trek” celebration, as part of the same month the release of “Star Trek Beyond” in which gave tribute to the Late Leonard Nimoy also Anton Yelchin…  As part of the tribute to Anton whom plays the reboot version of Pavel Chekov, original played by Walter Koenig in The Original prime Universe… in the fourth reboot film of the following Star Trek film they’ve decided not to recast the late Anton Yelchin role…  So hoping they will cast for a different character Yeoman Janice Rand..  Hoping that they’ll cast Gal Gadot (Diana Prince- Wonder Women) for the role..

As Star Trek- Discovery airs on 2017 … The second trailer in this features Ralph McQuarrie’s version of the Enterprise for Phase two in which features some more crew additions as seen in the Motion Picture, a larger more delta engineering hull with a traditional saucer section version in which the design is Vulcan inspired from the IDIC-Infinite Diversity infinite Combinations symbolism…  “USS Discovery” is featured as a Ariel Class a very much twice as large lengthwise of the Constitution class retro-refit Enterprise..

Star Trek Discovery -USS Discovery – named inspired from NASA- national aeronautics and space administration Space Shuttle Discovery Orbital Vehicle- OV-103

At this stage it’s a unknown of what the crew is, guessing that CBS-Paramount wants to allure us into what’s to come, hoping for a female Captain commanding the USS Discovery.. As I watched more into the trailer it looks like the Ship is constructed as traditional Ralph McQuarrie painted out, the ship is constructed in the manufacturing yard within the protection of asteroid…..  With a few cosmetics alterations in giving an in between era look between the post five year mission to The Motion Picture look with the more of the USS Kelvin hulling design heritage to Discovery..

It should be interesting to see how the thirteen episodes of season one would be scripted, screenplay, written as it’s unlike the previous series in which as storyline flow to it, but with different episodic storylines, like a mini movie with a new crew, different ship type,  that comes with traditional and new species of worlds……….

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