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On 5th February 2019, launching from AirbusAriane Space launch Spaceport, French Guiana -Guiana Space Center in which it’s the first launch for the year 2019 launch calendar in launch this time the Ariane five Carrier Rocket in which this marks the one hundredth and third launch Ariane five in its series… among with that series is the seventieth with the Ariane five ECA variant …

Launching from the Guiana Space Center, at six in the evening at Kourou local time… is two main satellites from two different countries, India also Saudi both are manufactured by Lockheed Martin in collaboration with ISRO- India Space Research Organisation...  in which are both designed as Telecommunications – Communications Satellites..  And placed in GEO- Geo Stationary Orbit with a 250 Km pedigree attitude orbit, with an apogee attitude of 35,786 Km an inclination of three degrees…

The GSAT-31 Telecommunication satellite provisionments with a operational duration of sixteen years on the Ku Band frequencies , developed by the ISRO- India Space Research Organisation, in which the provisions of the satellite provides bridging a flat structure internet provisions towards the people of India in also developing a structure of pursuing a science, planetary explorationary research…

The Secondary payload is a HellaSat 4 also a telecommunications Satellite – manufactured by Lockheed martin Space, in which its provisionments is to  the people of Kingdom of  Saudi ,  in which also providing communications range for the Middle east, South African and European region- … providing that communications frequency in the Ka Band ..  In which the Ku Band is for the provisionments of providing DTH-Direct to Home Content to a market size of three million homes in which that part operations is control by a Greek-Cypriot Satellite Operator..

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