Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3 is coming soon, which will be launch on this coming Wednesday in New Zealand, on 26th October 2011, Just before Armogedden starts between 28th to 31st October, while in the northern hemisphere international launch, which  it’s on the 25th.

During the New Zealand launch Alienware and EA Games. Alienware will be hosting and opening several,  also micro events before the game is offically launch on midnight at the Westfield Albany Mall, North Shore, in  Auckland, New Zealand. where the game is purchase at JB Hifi.

The gameplay is set between the year 2014, where you finding and safely return a lost squad also during the tour of duty doing  recon on a chemical weapons location.  after finding the location you’ll become intrench in a massive fire fight for quite some time in a and earthquake bound zone in ther middle east.  also it comes in three modes of game play, campagian, co- opervative and  mutliplayer where you’ll get to have least 64 players on PC edition.  The Battlefield arena maps includes New York, Paris, Terhan, Oman, Sarajevo,  Wake Island also Sulaymaniyah.  you’ll be battling out from metro- urban city zones vast landscapes.

Battlefield 3 is produced by EA, Electronics Arts. It’s  played on most consoles, Xbox, Playstation, PC, and also on iOS.

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