The Akoii System

A while ago I’ve mention that I entered into the Andoss system to investigate a search on hold till I have a larger ship. That I’ve have. The search began with a larger ship, with a higher hull ratings than from the last, also what missing are weapons, shields, also with other installations with that equal higher ratings in nature.

The prelude of the investigation lead into the Dorvan Sector in the Alpha Trianguli Sector Block, one sector block upwards to Beta Ursae Sector Block, which is the area which Deep Space nine and Bajor is located. Having making back into the Andoss system investigating contra ban weapons crates that have been dropped off and having found it’s the True Way.  Goal is to destroy those crates that may be used in there operations to destabilized the region.

So we warp into another adjacent system, the Akoii System, where in the debris of  latten waste of  parts aged fragmented across orbiting around the planet which makes a excellent cover to hide. One thing we found there in the distance that were sights of recent constructions facilities, scanning them ever so closely, they were dry-docks in the area, least than a dozen, protected by the true way.

One thing having found is the they were researching, that there were Cardassian ships in guard. And one more thing there were reinforcements of the Jem’ Hadar warships. All able of inflicting server damage to anyone whom investigates. This requires careful planning, taking time even though if you well equip in certain circumstances and used what you got to your best advantages. The planning is to knock out first the larger ships, the Jem’ Hadar warships first then the Cardassian later. Making the way clear to knock out the multiple research fatuities that lies ahead, as it was once guarded.

Last thing once the patrol is done for the Akoii system, other interesting investigations that came about, another adjacent system as heard to be of the same resolve with the True way. so we proceed next to investigate.

Akoii system

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