Armageddon 2011- part one

Today is the first day of Armageddon 2011,Auckland, so far there have been a few changes lately. Even though the even is a little late than one week, and shifted to the following week from the labour weekend. This is partially to make way for the Rugby World Cup that was held in New Zealand.  Other wise the events wise it’s been rather tidy when I walked, this may have been it’s a Friday, a working day,  also too  it just opened at eleven in the later morning and I arrived least a hour later.

I’ve notice that there are three main game studios occupying the main center off the convention center, Microsoft Xbox,  Playstation, and EA games. Last few years Playstation held there stall spotting over the years. And opposing it’s it Microsoft Xbox showing it’s open plan stand with it’s Kinect gamming stations and it’s abilities which successively over Sony’s Playstation’s motion controller. Also to add also is other Game studios which have been traditional there is Activision, also Blizzard.

One thing though I’m rather impressive of EA games also Microsoft Xbox, Kinect display, it’s refine also elegant, where Sony’s playstation is clubbing it down with a in house DJ.

There are few games to look out for which have been featured on the floor, this Friday, mostly are such as EA’s Battlefield 3, Mass effect 3, Dragon Age series, also other tittles such as Gears of war 3, Batman – Arkham City, Call of Duty-Modern warfare three. Uncharted three- Drake’s Deception. Forza- Motorsport four.

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