ARMAGEDDON 2013 | Cosplay

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As to arriving very early, also admiring the weather of blue fine skies with moderately placed fluffy clouds, then prescribing myself getting my early prescriptions of four or five shot lattes, to wake me up, after a drive in it took my morning instant espresso coffee out.

This year cosplay, has been different, it’s pretty much diversify, in sense it cover almost every single possible genre.. from gaming, scifi to animie manga, Notability there’s been more of Doctor who… girls and guys cosplaying in either mostly the Matt Smith Doctor, than to the David Tennant’s Doctor… also there was some interesting uniquely tardis dresses, dressed in the blue box dress fashion , there was one impossible girl known as Clara Oswin, and a couple of excellent scary weeping angels…  there was also the Dalek Dress girl, as well Daleks from different times of series from the classic, ironsides to the Cult of Skaro .. But one thing it’s going to be interesting to see, what Peter Capaldi’s Doctor is going to wear where he becomes the 12th Doctor..

On the comic front, there was the traditionally duo of harlequin queen and her slave The Joker…. Impressively cosplayed, of using the DC universe of Batman Asylum as a brilliant reference, as to the Joker, it was likewise aswell. Among that genre there was Diana- Wonder Woman, super girl.   Captain America..  Marvel’s Movie Loki, the Arrow’s the Arrow himself also the Black Canary.. Among them is Catwoman….


Game, film and television wise cosplay it was interesting, walking around the halls of Armageddon, it seems that there’s been more of Assassins Creed cosplayers than from last.. Roaming around the halls location of Ubisoft’s Assassins Creed gaming centre,  nearby that there was the Xbox live roaming also was brilliantly worked cosplay on Master Chief’s armoury 117 combat suit.. also his escort the trustee Starfleet officer from the NX01 days..  Among them also is the different variances of stormtroopers, in different eras of the Star wars Universe.. Plus with the exception of the Rebels having a X-wing fighter pilot, also a Jedi… the exception is a Zombie Storm trooper in which he haunts the halls..   Also I got the met the Cosplayer winner in Melbourne with his Game of Thrones in his Lannisters Armour.

Magically wise there was a few Hogwarts students around also there partnering schools in finding and defending against the dark lord, for he could not be named..

Game wise there was a very good selection, there was Fem Shepard from the Mass Effect series, also as mention above the assassins but the very impressive ones I’ve seen is Ironman also as Tony Stark, the Tardis girl, Fem Shepard,  but one brilliantly impressive one is the Cosplayer whom did Claire Farron… Known as Lighting or Light..  Final Fantasy XIII– Lighting returns… she did a awesome job in creating lighting’s clothing in an intricately highly delicate degrees detailed….

ARMAGEDDON 2013 | AUCKLAND – an overview –


Arriving early in the morning, the weather is clear, blue skies,  walking through the multiple halls corridors in the ASB Pavilions, looking around, that there’s something interesting that from the last. This year at Armageddon in Auckland, exploring around, the corridors,  also the event programme has reverted back to the previous calendar, as it was alternated due to making way for the Rugby world cup of 2012, as Armageddon Auckland falls back to the Labor day weekend…

In this year’s  one, the events exhibits have grown larger, encompassing the third hall, in which contained the Artist Alley, also containing the legion 501st  , also , plus the guys  from Star Trek collection featuring there Collections of collectables also a sliver partial of the Constitution class Bridge, the Comm, Helm, also Navigations..  Within this Hall contains Wrestling matches, Laser Tag,  plus Zombie chase. ..

awesome cosplayer of Lighting, of Final Fanasty XIII- Lighting returns, Claire Farron

Hall number two was interesting, traditionally it contain the signing booths, in which progressively the largest line in waiting was repeatedly three days straight was the actor whom played Luna Lovegood, the wife of Longbottom, is the curiously fabulous  Evanna Lynch. Evanna Lynch line was so patiently waiting gridlock to the end of the hall. Nearby the signing panel in which had the Doctor panel, with three Daleks, and one freshly scruffy Tardis.. in two Daleks, one Ironsides, plus one Black cult of Skaro with a newly acquired driver….  What’s new within the halls of the number two, is that Warehouse, taking place where skinny communication used to be…Among the labour weekend of Armageddon Auckland is the brilliant awesome craftsmanship of cosplayers,

Hall number one. Had an interesting change, orthough it kept it’s traditional stalls, but it filed with mostly gaming from the Magic the game, to several major gaming companies, Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation, EA Blizzard, Nintendo, also Ubisoft’s, featuring some new content in gaming,  plus PB Tech, in PC desktop customisation.  In the area within is demonstration of the upcoming current Battlefield four, also its counter  Call of duty…there was one early morning during Sunday as I was picking a very nice strong five shot latte where I met up a Ubisoft’s  person, and explained about the story of a very much need  coffee….Surprising enough during the conservation, she didn’t know whom the Fragdolls are, but explainly I suggest it would be very cool.. to have them invited over here…..

Armageddon 2011- part two

This Armageddon 2011, Auckland,  has been an interesting one, normally it runs during the course of the labour weekend, but as this year It made way for a sporting event, the Rugby world cup.

I’ve notice this year that there were least stalls that the last, most of the stalls from the last decide to moved into having larger units to cover move retail estate coverage, like how you may find in a Farmers Market. First you dabble in a small stall, then when it works out you’ll go for a larger next later.

As for cosplay, still trending constantly  yearly is Star Wars,  following by other television shows such as collection of Doctor Who, trending with a gaming, marvel, DC Comic characters, Star Trek, also one other is trending popular is Steam punk, as shown on the last few episodes of the Guild, when Carla rescuing her newly found steam punk friends  from a spectator  airship display disaster  then to winning an award for best group cosplay in Con, Megagame-o-ramacon.

The last day of the event happen to be very, interesting, it was quieter than from the start day of Friday, this is due too that it carry on through to a working Monday, having been a working day, the presence of a crowd was lost, had it been held in the previous week where It would have drawn the same attention as the weekend

Deconstruction happen early, as there’s a few guest around in the last few hours of five in the afternoon came to a drawing curtain close, mostly of the stalls holders began lest half an hour prior closing time. but one good thing during that day, there are some specials if you hang around long enough to bartering.

Deconstruction of Armageddon 2011-Auckland:

Impressive Cosplays.

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Armageddon 2011- part one

Today is the first day of Armageddon 2011,Auckland, so far there have been a few changes lately. Even though the even is a little late than one week, and shifted to the following week from the labour weekend. This is partially to make way for the Rugby World Cup that was held in New Zealand.  Other wise the events wise it’s been rather tidy when I walked, this may have been it’s a Friday, a working day,  also too  it just opened at eleven in the later morning and I arrived least a hour later.

I’ve notice that there are three main game studios occupying the main center off the convention center, Microsoft Xbox,  Playstation, and EA games. Last few years Playstation held there stall spotting over the years. And opposing it’s it Microsoft Xbox showing it’s open plan stand with it’s Kinect gamming stations and it’s abilities which successively over Sony’s Playstation’s motion controller. Also to add also is other Game studios which have been traditional there is Activision, also Blizzard.

One thing though I’m rather impressive of EA games also Microsoft Xbox, Kinect display, it’s refine also elegant, where Sony’s playstation is clubbing it down with a in house DJ.

There are few games to look out for which have been featured on the floor, this Friday, mostly are such as EA’s Battlefield 3, Mass effect 3, Dragon Age series, also other tittles such as Gears of war 3, Batman – Arkham City, Call of Duty-Modern warfare three. Uncharted three- Drake’s Deception. Forza- Motorsport four.

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Armageddon 2010 AKL | part two

Arriving in early in morning, to Armageddon to see what finally the place looks like before the place opens. it feels empty at first like a scene from Battlestar Galatica when they decide to settle on New Caprica, leaving an empty BSG 75 only a few to maintain the ship you can hear the corridors sunshine quiet. until the doors open up with a warm buzz of arriving patrons creating life into the emptiness of the sallow out halls.

There are a lot more items than from the years of last, the event has grown even larger than last year.  Think this year it tweaked itself out as I wondered  into deeply into the three large halls of the ASB Expo Pavillion center in Greenlane.  There’s  new variety of items. I notice this year as I was walking around the stalls, it seems it more delicate to the Cosplay, with cosplay clothing, accessories, weapons. it’s starting to feel like Comic Con in San Diego but only Benito smaller.  I’ve notice there was a lot of gore cosplay on sale too, this may have been that Halloween is comming up, and now a upcomming tradition in slowly interculturing into Auckland.

One thing that I’ve notice from the last, the gamimg section as gotten larger, last year the EA stall has occupied largely center peice in the gamming hall, now it’s being replace by Sony Playstation,  larger than the last time it was here.  Curious to know that the Xbox stall has gotten smaller, mostly it has been replace by other smaller gammer companies, but even more larger presents of NZGammer. with Sony it has a much larger present that it ever had before, it’s giant uber size stalls which was previously held by EAgames.  Noticing the Sony Playstation stall,  crowed by all,  there’s been much attention to the  move controller, and to Playstation 3 verus to Microsoft Kinect, which had a smaller presence. 

Other thing noticing along the way, Activision still remains a great presence having showing  games such as Bizzard,  Guaitar hero DJ Hero, mostly it’s musical instrumental interactive platforms.  Having more room for Playstation exhibit I’ve notice  there’s more R16 rated games this year than from the last.

 There were more  Rated sixteen games, such as Kill Zone 3, Special Forces and God of War. At most of the time when you want to trying out the games it’s pretty much lining up and waiting for you turn, but it’s worth the…. wait.

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