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As to arriving very early, also admiring the weather of blue fine skies with moderately placed fluffy clouds, then prescribing myself getting my early prescriptions of four or five shot lattes, to wake me up, after a drive in it took my morning instant espresso coffee out.

This year cosplay, has been different, it’s pretty much diversify, in sense it cover almost every single possible genre.. from gaming, scifi to animie manga, Notability there’s been more of Doctor who… girls and guys cosplaying in either mostly the Matt Smith Doctor, than to the David Tennant’s Doctor… also there was some interesting uniquely tardis dresses, dressed in the blue box dress fashion , there was one impossible girl known as Clara Oswin, and a couple of excellent scary weeping angels…  there was also the Dalek Dress girl, as well Daleks from different times of series from the classic, ironsides to the Cult of Skaro .. But one thing it’s going to be interesting to see, what Peter Capaldi’s Doctor is going to wear where he becomes the 12th Doctor..

On the comic front, there was the traditionally duo of harlequin queen and her slave The Joker…. Impressively cosplayed, of using the DC universe of Batman Asylum as a brilliant reference, as to the Joker, it was likewise aswell. Among that genre there was Diana- Wonder Woman, super girl.   Captain America..  Marvel’s Movie Loki, the Arrow’s the Arrow himself also the Black Canary.. Among them is Catwoman….


Game, film and television wise cosplay it was interesting, walking around the halls of Armageddon, it seems that there’s been more of Assassins Creed cosplayers than from last.. Roaming around the halls location of Ubisoft’s Assassins Creed gaming centre,  nearby that there was the Xbox live roaming also was brilliantly worked cosplay on Master Chief’s armoury 117 combat suit.. also his escort the trustee Starfleet officer from the NX01 days..  Among them also is the different variances of stormtroopers, in different eras of the Star wars Universe.. Plus with the exception of the Rebels having a X-wing fighter pilot, also a Jedi… the exception is a Zombie Storm trooper in which he haunts the halls..   Also I got the met the Cosplayer winner in Melbourne with his Game of Thrones in his Lannisters Armour.

Magically wise there was a few Hogwarts students around also there partnering schools in finding and defending against the dark lord, for he could not be named..

Game wise there was a very good selection, there was Fem Shepard from the Mass Effect series, also as mention above the assassins but the very impressive ones I’ve seen is Ironman also as Tony Stark, the Tardis girl, Fem Shepard,  but one brilliantly impressive one is the Cosplayer whom did Claire Farron… Known as Lighting or Light..  Final Fantasy XIII– Lighting returns… she did a awesome job in creating lighting’s clothing in an intricately highly delicate degrees detailed….

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