Traveling through time and space & Doing timey wimy stuff.

Given that there’s in discussions in producing another television series for star trek.  Is what I would like to see is not the reboot star trek in a five year mission television series, but in in the original universe sense in with that’s it written for Trekkie.. as it done so in the past, with the same type of writing standards of the series….of the original universe…

What I would like to see, is the story of the original Captain Christopher Pike’s first officer, as seen in the first pilot episode “The Cage “, as she become the captain of the everso retrofitted constitution class Enterprise, knowing that the Enterprise is some very old ship, least four decades old that have progressively retrofitted dozens times , then a young very Iowa resident mature sense Captain James Tiberius Kirk… came along  taking  on like his older brother, George Kirk…

knowing that the USS Enterprise is a very old ship of more than forty years, Captain Christoper Pike Number one, is the Captain before Kirk…

The other is the continuous series, is the integrated story of the Enterprise B, of a story of having the next captain from the Captain John Harriman to the story from Ensign Demora Sulu becoming the Captain, also having the father and daughter relationship aspects of between two Captains Hikaru and his daughter Demora Sulu… between the USS Enterprise B and the USS Excelsior.. Which is written originally timeline epiougly in star trek online..   in the sequences of events that proceed, after the Enterprise B.. a new transition takes place where Captain Demora Sulu then Admiral, sees the construction of the Ambassador Class Starship Project and later we see the celebrated launch of the first ship of it class USS Ambassador, then later USS Enterprise C , with the adventuring stories of Captain Rachael Garrett.. Until that unfaithfully day where at Narenda three….

As each Captain recounts it moments, it counts it’s learning inspirations from one whom of the command from the Columbia NX-02………another integrated series… within each Captain’s lives…

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