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Arriving early in the morning, the weather is clear, blue skies,  walking through the multiple halls corridors in the ASB Pavilions, looking around, that there’s something interesting that from the last. This year at Armageddon in Auckland, exploring around, the corridors,  also the event programme has reverted back to the previous calendar, as it was alternated due to making way for the Rugby world cup of 2012, as Armageddon Auckland falls back to the Labor day weekend…

In this year’s  one, the events exhibits have grown larger, encompassing the third hall, in which contained the Artist Alley, also containing the legion 501st  , also , plus the guys  from Star Trek collection featuring there Collections of collectables also a sliver partial of the Constitution class Bridge, the Comm, Helm, also Navigations..  Within this Hall contains Wrestling matches, Laser Tag,  plus Zombie chase. ..


awesome cosplayer of Lighting, of Final Fanasty XIII- Lighting returns, Claire Farron

Hall number two was interesting, traditionally it contain the signing booths, in which progressively the largest line in waiting was repeatedly three days straight was the actor whom played Luna Lovegood, the wife of Longbottom, is the curiously fabulous  Evanna Lynch. Evanna Lynch line was so patiently waiting gridlock to the end of the hall. Nearby the signing panel in which had the Doctor panel, with three Daleks, and one freshly scruffy Tardis.. in two Daleks, one Ironsides, plus one Black cult of Skaro with a newly acquired driver….  What’s new within the halls of the number two, is that Warehouse, taking place where skinny communication used to be…Among the labour weekend of Armageddon Auckland is the brilliant awesome craftsmanship of cosplayers,

Hall number one. Had an interesting change, orthough it kept it’s traditional stalls, but it filed with mostly gaming from the Magic the game, to several major gaming companies, Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation, EA Blizzard, Nintendo, also Ubisoft’s, featuring some new content in gaming,  plus PB Tech, in PC desktop customisation.  In the area within is demonstration of the upcoming current Battlefield four, also its counter  Call of duty…there was one early morning during Sunday as I was picking a very nice strong five shot latte where I met up a Ubisoft’s  person, and explained about the story of a very much need  coffee….Surprising enough during the conservation, she didn’t know whom the Fragdolls are, but explainly I suggest it would be very cool.. to have them invited over here…..

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