HALLOWEEN | It’s 31st October.. with Devidians..?

If you stuck on a on what to do, you’re alone in ready room just about to file and finish some paperwork off, plus all of your crew is on shore leave and you have the open door to the bridge open and it’s on nightshade mode, where it’s night time simulated to almost dark, you look at the time, on the wall display, saying  it’s way past midnight.. the consoles are on, some on standby.. but still operating.. as if it was running by itself… doing the ending cycle run on self- diagnostics…

You deciding to take break, gathering and putting your padds and work aside… orderly… getting up… from your ready chair making way to the bridge and seeing it empty…  you pick up you mug, only find that the coffee is cold.. you then place it in the food replicator to be recycled..

You make your way to the bridge only finding it’s mostly dark.. nobodies  around checking looking  around every single station.. you then proceed to.. to the turbo lift.. thinking, glad that your crew is having a very good time.. on their well deserve shore leave…

You proceed to the turbo lift.. and give yourself a very good well deserved arm stretching .. that felt good.. you proceed down a very  few decks below.. to your captain quarters… getting change out of your uniform.. and into something casual…..

Then you proceed to the Holodeck in deck 12 on your Galaxy Class.. then you select something kinda of halloweenly…  so you fire up some Holo Novels  like the night of the comet..  where you go back in time.. in Drozona Station to unfold events.. in the past in figuring out what has happen.. during that time.. in the 23rd century…and also assisting the investigation of the USS James Ruben..  also the Drozona station where you encounter the Devidians… also you meet an very familiar face.. the loveable Engineer..

Later.. you encounter a Klingons.. in a D7 battlement… then destroying the Devidians Comet….

need help with the  Holo Novel – Night of the comet.. ?

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