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It’s Halloween again plus you’ll need you something to celebrate the night where the dead arise every year, and you could figure what to get so you could  go do some serious trick and treating….. knowing that in the past that Zombies are very in fashionably these days with the recent zombie movies like the Milla Jovovich’s movies that she kicking zombies also the Umbrella’s Alice Corporation  ass  in the Residential Evil series…. there’s also Brad’s Pitts movie, World war Z.. also Will’s Smith’s film “ I am Legend”   ………So Zombies are just a more vogue than to Vampires and Lycans than or equally to the Kate Beckinsale’s  Selene…

To get this look, you’ll need a Star Trek , The original series Starfleet’s office Red Shirt… or the The Dress.. you’ll need, either a  TOS Phaser Pistol, Tricorder, or a Communicator…in slightly damage kind off way…  for makeup, either zombie white, chard black with red blood oozing every, with brilliant dysfunctional skin tearing  of like being a living corpse.  Also boots to match…

How to get the Red Dress or shirt Zombie look…..?

for the Zombie Starfleet red dress girl….

The The Original Series  Red dress…from   also The ANOVOS Reboot Star Trek  Into Darkness Red dress….

For the Zombie Starfleet red Shirt Guy..

The Expendable labeled red Shirt from……..Also the ANOVOS Reboot Star Trek into Darkness Red shirt…..

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