Avenger Class | Intriguingly revisited..?

Noticing also founding that, the fleet variant version has an interesting more modifications than to the standard stock, Battle Cruiser, looking at it seems with the updates on the Dev.’s post,   it as a Battle Cruiser, as it’s given size is least than to the Sovereign class and it’s variants, with it’s size in mind it extremely more maneuverable, than the standard cruiser.. With the size of the ship class, is almost the same size as the Luna Class, about four hundred and fifty (450) meters long…..  how do I get this length in measurement, well slowly flying nearby side by side a Luna Class helped, in figuring the noted length is about  almost the same…. Noting in flying it this isn’t a science class Starship, but a tactical also an Engineering variant, but just to say that a Science captain could have fun as long you have an awesome bridge officers trained in various skill set abilities….

Avenger class Battle Cruiser…

When looking at the comparison, between the Luna, Intrepid Class and the Avenger Class, started to see the close resemblances to Luna, Intrepid Class the design lineage, the more longer delta shape saucer section with a touch of the Akria bridge inspiration…  with that in mind the engineering section started to look like a smaller version of Luna, with a Odyssey dual neckline inspired type hull……  with a re-enforce warp nacelle support akin to the Odyssey class… plus a tactically strongly protectively warp nacelle.. with more than the two traditionally now four buzzard collectors on each nacelles protectively..

In the design aspects of the hulling, it’s design as extreme combat Starship, looking at the restrictiveness of window space on the outside.. also the protectively housed  internally the windows in the neck lines.. It size gives a much greater advantage than of the escorts given it’s 450 meters with , one noticing part that if you have a evasive maneuvers ,  you could, to a more combating in drifting.. as long you watch your speed and direction of firing…

In terms of firing the ship is equipped with five forward weapons consoles, also three rear, which you could gives you selection of Hybrids of weapons types.. .. but knowingly this class is a full frontal attack like a  girl in  Chinese imperial battle armour that she’ll  clean and kick you off in with her deadly whips side by side of a silk ribbons of your weapons type… as  some may arrange at the forward with beam arrays with cannons and with either with all cannons with a torpedo launcher, as for the rear turrets or beam arrays… to pick of your targets ever so politely…

the fleet shipyard Avenger Battle Cruiser class variant..

In regarding to it abilities, it has three plus one, it has, plus more as you fashionably arrange them.. to assist you and your team, or other ships in the radius of VATA effectiveness….

V.A.T.A. (variable Auto-Targeting Armament),Cruiser Command Influence

It’s has three VATA weapons systems in which is design built for the Avenger battle cruiser class to fire a pair of weapons platform auto armaments projectiles within ten kilometers of firing range, it has a cool down or charging period….. of two minutes.. so making sure that you figuring out what abilities ahead that may lies ahead in an incoming situations…

–  the Shield Frequency Modulation

Once this active, it will follow in firing a pair of projectiles with Tachyon beams also will denote with very high kinetic plus shield damage, reduction with a radius of least than 1.5 Kilometers at your target or targets..

– Strategic Maneuvering

This will an alternative Projectile type of Micro Chroniton Torpedoes.. in order to lower your targets movement, turn rates and velocities… in resolution it will give your targets in denotation of high kinetic damage.in a reduce duration…

–  Weapons Systems Efficiency

Given that there are no commands issued, that this command is active the VATA system will issue the launch of micro Quantum torpedoes… at a target with very high Kinetic damage once it reaches its target..

There’s one thing, the Avenger class can be equipped with a  universal cloaking device, generally found in the Galaxy class Dreadnought, also in the Tactical Escort Refit class in which will give you some degree of being Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman stealthy ..  somehow I tend to leave that out and add more hulling.. to the ship.. but if you love being Catwoman then Anne Hathaway is your skill set…..of being sleathly

The differences of between two variants of the Avengers class Battle Cruiser are follows as you like to know more…… from the Dev’s blog from Star Trek Online.. ….?

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