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the one third Gemini module

at the lobby of Auckland Observatory – Stardome- the one third Gemini command module replicate…..

There’s something interesting at Auckland Observatory ( Stardome),  it happens when you curiously walked into the main lobby, and it’s recent installation. This recent installation is the third size of the Gemini Space craft. The Gemini program duration was in between 1962 – 1966 AD. It program design was explore the aspect of long duration, preparation for the next mission program, Apollo (Constellation). It mission aspect design is to explore rendezvous docking procedures,  for the Apollo in between with the command and lunar modules. It also gave the working outside the Gemini command module in Extra Vehicular Activity in doing various chores like for example in repairing  equipment…  The Gemini was launched on a Titian II GLV, also built contract by McDonnell Aircraft company, now merged to become McDonnell Douglas, then later in the 1990’s  in merged with Boeing…

inside the Gemini cockpit painted retro restored...

inside the Gemini cockpit painted retro restored…

The model is least than three meters, it constructed on crafted molded metal, plastic, painted in NASA colours, black, white, with beautifully riveted panels. The one third Gemini, has a transparent cover, in which allows you to voyeur the intricate details of the switches and dials.  The previous exhibition of where you’ve may have seen the Gemini, was at Museum of Transport and Technology, in Western Springs in Auckland,nearby the Auckland Zoo.

like to know where you could find the one third size Gemini replicate model.. visit the Auckland Observatory, Stardome….?

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