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Avenger class starship-sto

mystery Starship class – Avenger class -intrigue

Found this new surprise Starship on Star Trek online….. It’s an Avenger Class, its also class as Battle Cruiser… as I gather it looks like the retrofitted design of the Regent, plus with an inspired design of a Akira Sovereign, Vesta saucer section variants..

From what I gather looking at it, presumably it’s a tier five ship, as to the Regent, also to the from tier four to five Assault Cruiser,  also the same size of that of the Sovereign or Regent.. also presume the same console and station configuration of the Regent, hopefully with higher rank universal stations..

One thing, I like the strong design of the warp nacelles, it’s strong well build, it look like it can handle combat in extremely conditions. From the looking at the rear of the ship design, the rear of the ship looks well defended, depending of given weapons slot… the Impulse engines are healthily sized, and will give lots of power in combat, also in travel… in saying that the design is tightly so it will give it an incredible turn rate to move around.. in which you could sever tanking in between the port and starboard side,  with both forward and after weapons slots depending how you load is your fashion..  hopefully the bridge stations are higher in gearing up with more abilities to use for season eight .

It should be interesting next week in the Dev’s Blogs post of what this Avenger Class is…  for information here..

Also as more of the mystery Starship class, Avenger class is revealed, it follows more on the Dev’s blog on Star Trek online

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