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Recently  I’ve been sick in the last week, and still recovering.. in that week of being in bed coughing also having a fever at the same time, also very bed ridden, while growing a beard at the same time looking at myself in the mirror seems that beard had grown to…. like if I was on some Indiana Jones adventure and had forgotten to take a razor with me… with professor Jones..

At that time, the very best advice that you give to yourself myself is to rest, don’t do any work, just rest.. that resting may reward you later on when you get well… making sure you have petty of  water to hydrate you nearby.. also nearby is tissue or toilet paper to sneeze on.. also a very good prescription from your doctor.. so  you could get well.. soon with a dash plus a garnish of  patience…

To keep yourself entertain while awake is to have a secure wireless network, so you can say remain in bed, for your laptop, or tablet, iOS devices.. So you could watch either you tube, iTunes, or if you have Netflix… hulu… so you could be entertain. Sometimes when you are able to move, the lounge with a larger screen also with smart TV.  Also sometimes with social media, to keep in touch like Facebook, Google Plus or Twitter… but watching a lots of retro comedy seems to help.. but it’s one off the best prescriptions  say is not to do a marathon otherwise that will take most of your recovering energies away.. but if you do a marathon it’s good thing that you fall asleep, during watching the series.. which is okay… it’s that your body is telling you need a rest..

The most important thing is get a lot of rest… and sleep…

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