Armageddon 2010 AKL | part three


Looking around in the afternoon, taking my breaks from working at the Stardome Observatory stall in hall number three, where the celebrities singing takes place around the corner of that great big hall.  I would say that the cosplay are pretty impressive this year, everyone made their cosplay costume very resource fully that I have to admire for their creativity imagination. 

 This year, I’ve notice there’s more Stormtroopers than last year. several from during the times of Emperor Palpatine, the clone wars era, to the time of Palpatine’s deputy of Darth Vader’s time, of  Tie troopers, Sand stormtroopers, and the ordinary stormtroopers. But lets to say there was a balancing out there of a hand full of Master Jed’s, younglings, and Padawns to save the day.

This year also brings around to another type of  Cosplay, cosplaying  in military uniforms with body armour with airsoft weapons and battle gear. It’s interesting that day to see  military cosplay, from the last previous years that only reserve for the  Stargate fans, whom dress like SG1.

There’s been a lot of gaming, manga, anime fanasty cosplay, lately.  Days before I went to Armageddon, I went back to my old haunts to check out a gamming store in Queen Street, right next to another gaming store Vagaboard that I traditionally go too.  On that checking out I’ve notice some Japanese Manga and Anime mechanise.  I’ve notice one wall shelf was completely empty out. That dedicate wall was for anime cosplay costume. Which just points out that there’s a new trend and New Zealand is catching up on with rigth next to Comic Con also too with Wonder Con

As of next years cosplay….. we’ll see what happens next!

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Armageddon 2010 AKL | part two

Arriving in early in morning, to Armageddon to see what finally the place looks like before the place opens. it feels empty at first like a scene from Battlestar Galatica when they decide to settle on New Caprica, leaving an empty BSG 75 only a few to maintain the ship you can hear the corridors sunshine quiet. until the doors open up with a warm buzz of arriving patrons creating life into the emptiness of the sallow out halls.

There are a lot more items than from the years of last, the event has grown even larger than last year.  Think this year it tweaked itself out as I wondered  into deeply into the three large halls of the ASB Expo Pavillion center in Greenlane.  There’s  new variety of items. I notice this year as I was walking around the stalls, it seems it more delicate to the Cosplay, with cosplay clothing, accessories, weapons. it’s starting to feel like Comic Con in San Diego but only Benito smaller.  I’ve notice there was a lot of gore cosplay on sale too, this may have been that Halloween is comming up, and now a upcomming tradition in slowly interculturing into Auckland.

One thing that I’ve notice from the last, the gamimg section as gotten larger, last year the EA stall has occupied largely center peice in the gamming hall, now it’s being replace by Sony Playstation,  larger than the last time it was here.  Curious to know that the Xbox stall has gotten smaller, mostly it has been replace by other smaller gammer companies, but even more larger presents of NZGammer. with Sony it has a much larger present that it ever had before, it’s giant uber size stalls which was previously held by EAgames.  Noticing the Sony Playstation stall,  crowed by all,  there’s been much attention to the  move controller, and to Playstation 3 verus to Microsoft Kinect, which had a smaller presence. 

Other thing noticing along the way, Activision still remains a great presence having showing  games such as Bizzard,  Guaitar hero DJ Hero, mostly it’s musical instrumental interactive platforms.  Having more room for Playstation exhibit I’ve notice  there’s more R16 rated games this year than from the last.

 There were more  Rated sixteen games, such as Kill Zone 3, Special Forces and God of War. At most of the time when you want to trying out the games it’s pretty much lining up and waiting for you turn, but it’s worth the…. wait.

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Armageddon 2010 AKL | part one

Well it’s that time of the year, only thirteen more days encountering where the doors of the ASB Expo Pavillion is open to another exciting episode of ArmageddonExpo 2010.  This year we can expect a lot more variety than the last menu, that we sample last year, last year it was all about trailing  the new place  for the very first time, seeing how everything goes with lots of exhibiting  floor space, due that it was held previous traditionally at the Aotea Center with lesser floor space to accommodate with increasing popularity .  It’s going to be held during the weekend holiday of Labour day, between 23rd to 25th of October 2010 AD, in Auckland.

As in variety,   for the very first time there will be a LANON3B1G1 traditionally held down at the TelestraClear stadium which is now moved to the ASB Expo Pavillion as its new location.    New Zealand Cyber gaming tournament, our version of MLG ( Major League Gaming). Gaming in various different platforms, from PC, Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation and other gaming console.  There will be ten games in the tournaments, game titles say Call of Duty 4, Team Fortress 2, Quake live, Battlefield | bad company 2, Metal of honour, Starcraft, Hero’s of Newerth, Counter strike | source, guitar Hero, DJ Hero, and off course Halo | Reach.   Other platforms includes the Super Street Fighter, Tekken six, Dead of Alive four, and still the most popular MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) WOW (World of Warcraft), so gamers stock up of piles of Red Bull, V energy drink, chocolate bars, snacks and food as long it keep you active, awake, alertly thinking the next move! Most importantly the sleeping bag, got to get some rest, sleep other wise when you make that important move, we can’t have you fall asleep while you’re winning awesomely.

I’ll  be posting  how the days progressively counting down to the days, from starting of setting up before the opening,  to the last day.