FASHION | iDummy… Creating that tailored customized clothing faster… !


When designing and tailoring clothes for that particular client, in which offering used required measurements taking on that day.. as customized tailoring for an entrepreneurial Gentlewoman Dress or a fully Suit set the jacket, skirt, and blouse.. Or that customize intimates and she is always on the go.. … as those measurements taken it’s normally written on a sheet of paper or stored in the tailor’s database to be referenced to a static fixed shaped Dummy in construction of that Dress or that clothing or ins some case the Dummy or Mannequins has a few adjustable components that represent the customers body measurement detail..

In terms of getting the right fitted of sewing clothing.. the customer returns to the store to fit the tailor clothing haft way through.. its construction.. That could be time consuming.. in which the “iDummy “ could reduce the sewing time operationally and cost in that customed tailoring in which “Hong Kong Polytechnics University’s institute of Textiles and clothing” did that in innovating a memory form Dress Dummy of taking the customers measurement data, of using a mobile 3D scanner.. The same way of 3D printing a smaller version life cast of you.. To the actual body shape..  Also as your body grows the tailor clothing made will grow with you as you check in every now and then..  As online shopping grows and customized tailoring is a growing trend as shopping from home, from a computer, with a 3D scanning device attached like the next generations Microsoft Kinetic system gives you a more direct way of getting that clothing to customized to fit instead of changing rooms.. and knowing your style which is important.. in this process have so many advantages in getting multiple suits done from various clothing.. whether it’s that dress, suit, or intimates.


MY THOUGHTS | Wearable devices

As technology progresses so does fashion, and its relationship tangos each other in an never ending innovation … presently at the moment we have wearable devices in as smart watches, Google Glass in which is the pre cursor of what’s to come as it cursor starts to integrate itself into clothing with mobile devices…

In a way that integration makes sense, of how we are living in a very mobile world… Given the case one of many …. given of the reboot JJ Abrams Star Trek… in which the Captain of the USS Kelvin was forcefully request to be send over by Nero on the Narada… on that scene in that early chapter you may notice that the crew of the USS Kelvin was monitoring his life and bio signs to see if he was in any ways in threatening position that was like how in NASA monitors there Astronauts on their vital life signs through various sensors embed in the EVA suit.. also where in Starfleet academy San Francisco, when Lost Starfleet Guy uses the sleeve of his jacket in which acts like a touch display as if a he was holding a Padd in using it has communication device also in a scene where was communication with his soon to be chief engineer in Utopia Planitia Ship Yards, Mars….

Wearable devices would be the classic fashion trend presently to come… The integrated wearable devices seamlessly in your clothing also assist you in your everyday life style and applications, also it enhance that life style it adapts to.  Take for an example – in assisted extra-curricular learning in the education field in sync with the advanced version of the Google glass…  Students instead of being in library learning from books or Just learnt the theory in class they could use the wearable devices to learn in from what they know in practical in the field outside of the class room…  This also could be applied in the field of science in field work, instead of referring to a Padd, to upload the data, they could upload it to the field Jacket, to process the work…

In sporting… Imagine the Athlete wearing wearable devices clothing.. The coaches could monitor their progress in field to see how they’re performing and make nurturing suggestions of where to improve so they could achieve not just gold but platinum…

Armageddon 2010 AKL | part three


Looking around in the afternoon, taking my breaks from working at the Stardome Observatory stall in hall number three, where the celebrities singing takes place around the corner of that great big hall.  I would say that the cosplay are pretty impressive this year, everyone made their cosplay costume very resource fully that I have to admire for their creativity imagination. 

 This year, I’ve notice there’s more Stormtroopers than last year. several from during the times of Emperor Palpatine, the clone wars era, to the time of Palpatine’s deputy of Darth Vader’s time, of  Tie troopers, Sand stormtroopers, and the ordinary stormtroopers. But lets to say there was a balancing out there of a hand full of Master Jed’s, younglings, and Padawns to save the day.

This year also brings around to another type of  Cosplay, cosplaying  in military uniforms with body armour with airsoft weapons and battle gear. It’s interesting that day to see  military cosplay, from the last previous years that only reserve for the  Stargate fans, whom dress like SG1.

There’s been a lot of gaming, manga, anime fanasty cosplay, lately.  Days before I went to Armageddon, I went back to my old haunts to check out a gamming store in Queen Street, right next to another gaming store Vagaboard that I traditionally go too.  On that checking out I’ve notice some Japanese Manga and Anime mechanise.  I’ve notice one wall shelf was completely empty out. That dedicate wall was for anime cosplay costume. Which just points out that there’s a new trend and New Zealand is catching up on with rigth next to Comic Con also too with Wonder Con

As of next years cosplay….. we’ll see what happens next!

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