SKPMENU | an unique innovative way of skipping towards getting customer services faster …..


There’s an innovative new application that helps you in bypassing the virtual operator on your smart phone when you call for lengthy menus Dialing in options in order to get directly to the acquired customer services, “SkipMenu” bypasses the Virtual Operator options through various cut to chase identifying menus screens it places to an actual corporeal human custom services operator on the other side to take your call of inquiries least ten times faster than traditional means… with a nice simple clean user interface to navigate from you’ll get to inquires in rapidly like warp drive..

The Startup, SkipMenu Limited, Founded by Chloe Chan, Gabriel Chan. The Startup as reading inventory support of more than eight hundred hotlines in Hong Kong including companies such as the Hong Kong Shanghai bank, MTR Corporation, Cathy Pacific, also at governmental departmental levels… then expanding onwards to one thousand onwards to The United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia also New Zealand… from an established based in Hong Kong … Engineered in Canada, SkipMenu is available on iOS devices also Android devices.  …..


CATHY PACIFIC | new on board Mobile booking App…..


“Cathy Pacific” has brought out a new simple application available on iOS also on Google play…. Cathy Pacific App features ways to book your flight simply with searching your flight then book via various payments process, as you book it gives the aircraft type that’s you’re flying on with the seating arrangements in getting your favorite seat…

As to interactive home screen, giving you information on you upcoming flight with giving you information of what to pack and not to pack on board… As the flight application gives your flight status with connecting flights with a clean simple elegant to used user interface…. It also to sign in with your Marco Polo profile to check your mileage as you goes….also it’s available in supported languages

ASTRONOMY | the newly Star Walk two- epilogue…?

It’s been a while for an astronomy app review for a very long time… While last night someone suggested that there’s a new renovated app from “Vito Technology”, the creators of the Apple Design Award winning of “Star Walk” and “Solar Walk” … having downloading “Star Walk two”. Founding it’s still retaining its previous function of showing you the beautifully starry stuff in the night sky… it has some very impressively founded new features… The star points are a lot sharper and pointed… Rather than the round point in the previous version… The constellations zodiac is in newly design in form of pixelated mine crafted anime characters…. Rather that the classically constellation… also easier to find on screen as to the real night sky due to the illumination sparking on animination that highlights the constellations stick diagrams.. In which is good so you can learn  the notable stars that form that particular constellation.. And the stories… Within the app is something new… that it has a 3D component to the app where you could see the star point distances in between the stick diagrams in 3D in … In which the older version doesn’t have…

Vito technology-Star Walk two- day time view-

Using the app… the user interface is very clean, the flow of where you point the direction of the app, is still relative smooth unchanged from the previous version of using your various iOS or Android devices. Putting it in night mode give you more advantage using it in the night rather the day mode… as its easier on the eyes … orthough the user interface clean graphics environment is spectacular …

When you download the Star Walk two”  app you get the standard stock… but there’s additional extras content providing you with more objects to view and having more fun in finding… such as more deep sky objects, extend solar system contend.. like more comets, and meteors showers also you could view them in 3D… plus also Satellites.. Also with constellation upgrades in view them in 3D

Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3 is coming soon, which will be launch on this coming Wednesday in New Zealand, on 26th October 2011, Just before Armogedden starts between 28th to 31st October, while in the northern hemisphere international launch, which  it’s on the 25th.

During the New Zealand launch Alienware and EA Games. Alienware will be hosting and opening several,  also micro events before the game is offically launch on midnight at the Westfield Albany Mall, North Shore, in  Auckland, New Zealand. where the game is purchase at JB Hifi.

The gameplay is set between the year 2014, where you finding and safely return a lost squad also during the tour of duty doing  recon on a chemical weapons location.  after finding the location you’ll become intrench in a massive fire fight for quite some time in a and earthquake bound zone in ther middle east.  also it comes in three modes of game play, campagian, co- opervative and  mutliplayer where you’ll get to have least 64 players on PC edition.  The Battlefield arena maps includes New York, Paris, Terhan, Oman, Sarajevo,  Wake Island also Sulaymaniyah.  you’ll be battling out from metro- urban city zones vast landscapes.

Battlefield 3 is produced by EA, Electronics Arts. It’s  played on most consoles, Xbox, Playstation, PC, and also on iOS.

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