SKPMENU | an unique innovative way of skipping towards getting customer services faster …..


There’s an innovative new application that helps you in bypassing the virtual operator on your smart phone when you call for lengthy menus Dialing in options in order to get directly to the acquired customer services, “SkipMenu” bypasses the Virtual Operator options through various cut to chase identifying menus screens it places to an actual corporeal human custom services operator on the other side to take your call of inquiries least ten times faster than traditional means… with a nice simple clean user interface to navigate from you’ll get to inquires in rapidly like warp drive..

The Startup, SkipMenu Limited, Founded by Chloe Chan, Gabriel Chan. The Startup as reading inventory support of more than eight hundred hotlines in Hong Kong including companies such as the Hong Kong Shanghai bank, MTR Corporation, Cathy Pacific, also at governmental departmental levels… then expanding onwards to one thousand onwards to The United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia also New Zealand… from an established based in Hong Kong … Engineered in Canada, SkipMenu is available on iOS devices also Android devices.  …..