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It’s been a while for an astronomy app review for a very long time… While last night someone suggested that there’s a new renovated app from “Vito Technology”, the creators of the Apple Design Award winning of “Star Walk” and “Solar Walk” … having downloading “Star Walk two”. Founding it’s still retaining its previous function of showing you the beautifully starry stuff in the night sky… it has some very impressively founded new features… The star points are a lot sharper and pointed… Rather than the round point in the previous version… The constellations zodiac is in newly design in form of pixelated mine crafted anime characters…. Rather that the classically constellation… also easier to find on screen as to the real night sky due to the illumination sparking on animination that highlights the constellations stick diagrams.. In which is good so you can learn  the notable stars that form that particular constellation.. And the stories… Within the app is something new… that it has a 3D component to the app where you could see the star point distances in between the stick diagrams in 3D in … In which the older version doesn’t have…

Vito technology-Star Walk two- day time view-

Using the app… the user interface is very clean, the flow of where you point the direction of the app, is still relative smooth unchanged from the previous version of using your various iOS or Android devices. Putting it in night mode give you more advantage using it in the night rather the day mode… as its easier on the eyes … orthough the user interface clean graphics environment is spectacular …

When you download the Star Walk two”  app you get the standard stock… but there’s additional extras content providing you with more objects to view and having more fun in finding… such as more deep sky objects, extend solar system contend.. like more comets, and meteors showers also you could view them in 3D… plus also Satellites.. Also with constellation upgrades in view them in 3D

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