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As this year In Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong, at the world leading MTR Hong Kong Corporation.. in nearby Tsim Sha Tsui, MTR Hong Kong’s West Kowloon it was the grand opening of the High Speed Rail- Vibrant Express in which connects towards many destinations in Canton province also towards the Capital Beijing… One of many cities it connects towards is Guangzhou is Canton Province Capital… from the traditional three to four hours train time reducing with the modern West Kowloon  High Speed Rail, least than forty eight minutes.. In which makes easier for those whom live across the border in between Mainland and Hong Kong SAR to work, visit, or educationally daily without having to travel by aircraft at Hong Kong International Airport……The station’s design has won several awards including a Golden Winner in the Architecture, Building and Structure Design category of A’ Design Awards 2016-2017 and a Gold Winner of the Best Futura Mega Project, MIPIM Asia Awards 2015.

It was first introduction promoted by TVB’s presenter-actress Jacqueline Wong..  in which showing the numerous features of the construction of the Station Hub itself also the features of the Vibrant Express Bullet trains.. In which this cute romantic premise like the previous MTR Hong Kong Anime previously did on safety on the MTR network in which had an Anime premise of “Your Name” in which these two cute soon to be couple, Her – HongKonger Business Traveler and Him- Japanese Tourist when exploring with a companion in which everyone would know that is a voice search engine that’s within Apple’s iOS eco system…

In which both using, asking their companion Siri of where to purchase High Speed Rail ticket, Siri points out in in Chinese- Cantonese also in Japanese it points out towards the West Kowloon station ticketing in which if you’re a foreigner you’ll need you passport in purchasing the required ticketing in which for her it’s the Hong Kong ID..  They both meet when she pulls out her iPhone from back dress trousers slips out her ticket onto the floor in which there where they first meet him handling her slip out ticket while she’s occupied……

In which later him explores the Station Hub interiors, while his Siri points out what’s West Kowloon nearby Elements, Xiqu Center, Hong Kong Cultural Center in which he explores till meeting her again working .. While she points out that she wants to eat something healthy nearby suggestions.. In which both meet again after boarding the Vibrant Express train to Guangzhou… In which the Vibrant Express train has numerous features, while travelling with free high velocity WiFi, with easy swinging cabin airliner chairs, also power ports in which allows you to charge up your devices, in which allows to work at the same time.. In which she asked “Hey Siri When would I Meet my True love..?” in which there he his meeting her in company in a journey together..

香港 #AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong – Adventuring without a blue box-TARDIS | I See an Apple Store… One Apple store- is also the second one I’ve seen…

The Apple store in Central- IFC- Hong Kong | 香港 #AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong – Adventuring without a blue box-TARDIS- Photographer @KevinJamesNg
The Apple store in Central- IFC- Hong Kong | 香港 #AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong – Adventuring without a blue box-TARDIS- Photographer @KevinJamesNg

A while back in 2008, when I was walking along the sunset Californian pavement of 3rd promenade, walking alongside the Santa Monica Apple Store, in wondering should I get the screenplay writing software Final Draft from the Apple Store that I’ve seen earlier that morning ,  on that Wednesday afternoon, almost evening in where..  I noticing someone dancing with crazy cool random dance moves, in which she was swinging her arms, in which she had long Californian blonde hair, she was swing random crazy Dance moves… while she was recording with her Cannon Camera.. With some serious Tunes.. Dancing like Taylor Swift in later in the early December she joined Twitter …

It was only a month within, till I only found out whom was the dancing blonde was, it was iJustine, Justine Ezarik,  you tuber, gamer, tech gadget reviewer, whom as the traditionally occasionally dances in the Apple stores, when it invitingly meets her….

As I was walking from the Star Ferry terminal from Victoria Harbour wharf, in trying to relate, retracing Ruby and Josh’s walking steps, as previously thinking working from somewhere from central… As to walking towards, the catwalk towards Central, towards the IFC Building, with the blue industrial triangle structural frame….  As I was walking towards the IFC building, in which on my left is the Ferris wheel,  also on my there it is it’s one of the Largest Apple Stores, seen as I view on my right hand side, is the second Apple store I’ve seen.. In which as I heard there are six Apple stores in Hong Kong. IFC- Mall-Central,  New Town Plaza- Sha Tin, Festival Walk-Kowloon, APM Hong Kong-Kwun Tong, Canton Road- Tsim Sha Tsui, Causeway Bay-Causeway Bay The one that I was looking at was the one in central… As to looking at the IFC- Central one, it’s larger than the Santa Monica one even though with renovations that was done with it in recent years with its open glass plains… Giving its spacious iconic apple interior / exterior signature glass, inwardly invitation of lots of light in which the same approach was done with the six Apple Stores in Hong Kong…..

 Looking around, noticing, heard, that there are lots of people in surrounding the store in, attempt to purchasing your phone in which those whom are in with suitcases, that platoon surrounding the store.. in which if you can’t get it yet, just wait in best, unless you’re desperate for the latest edition you maybe purchasing the reselling price for slightly higher than the store price, also buyers beware also if you folly such endeavors..

As I arrived inside walking up, those stairs, it there was still lines of people still awaiting for the pre-ordering purchasing items from the store, as all new products goes when it’s launching day, week, there’s always a line.. Even when newly established brands as seen in Top Shop New Zealand in Central Auckland.. that Awaiting lines was very  patience  lengthy..As I return back to 2008, I eventually purchased that Screenwriters software in the later of that evening..

ASTRONOMY | the newly Star Walk two- epilogue…?

It’s been a while for an astronomy app review for a very long time… While last night someone suggested that there’s a new renovated app from “Vito Technology”, the creators of the Apple Design Award winning of “Star Walk” and “Solar Walk” … having downloading “Star Walk two”. Founding it’s still retaining its previous function of showing you the beautifully starry stuff in the night sky… it has some very impressively founded new features… The star points are a lot sharper and pointed… Rather than the round point in the previous version… The constellations zodiac is in newly design in form of pixelated mine crafted anime characters…. Rather that the classically constellation… also easier to find on screen as to the real night sky due to the illumination sparking on animination that highlights the constellations stick diagrams.. In which is good so you can learn  the notable stars that form that particular constellation.. And the stories… Within the app is something new… that it has a 3D component to the app where you could see the star point distances in between the stick diagrams in 3D in … In which the older version doesn’t have…

Vito technology-Star Walk two- day time view-

Using the app… the user interface is very clean, the flow of where you point the direction of the app, is still relative smooth unchanged from the previous version of using your various iOS or Android devices. Putting it in night mode give you more advantage using it in the night rather the day mode… as its easier on the eyes … orthough the user interface clean graphics environment is spectacular …

When you download the Star Walk two”  app you get the standard stock… but there’s additional extras content providing you with more objects to view and having more fun in finding… such as more deep sky objects, extend solar system contend.. like more comets, and meteors showers also you could view them in 3D… plus also Satellites.. Also with constellation upgrades in view them in 3D

Yellow, blue, also Red?

Just found this, and it’s pretty cool, if you decide to be in non- uniform in Starfleet command, on your shore leave, and you trying to determine to find out which department that you’re in? Well this might be a solution; of these Star Trek TOS coloured iPhone four, four Siri cases with the departmental will do the trick of identifying with the departmental insignias on them, from command, science, engineering also if you decide to feel a bit alternative there’s a mirror universe cover one as well.  These are Federation, Starfleet approved, but if you decide go for great adventuring the red maybe a nice colour for you? Also I’ve just remebered also just in time to  fashionably accessorised for the Star trek- into darkness, which begins it’s cinema release on the 17th May 2013.

Like to know more  about the Star Trek TOS style iphone cases..? Can be found at thinkgeek.com.

Is this Auckland’s newest fashion district?

britomart district

Lately early mid last year there’s been pretty much of change in the progressively redevelopment of the Britomart district, which is locate in downtown Auckland right behind the central major surface train and bus station.   The place as I remembered it from its interesting past was a derelict useable bus station hub, with a multi levelling  carpark, and it was a place that you could see a scene that, where it get regular visits from Gene Hunt, with Manchester police department looking into it.

Britomart changed progressively throughout the two decades, form to derelict district part of Auckland downtown history to a now a fashionable trendsetting place to working offices hub to be in. It has various placements of activities to regenerate. Also it’s a place to be to escaping from work during the day, unless escaping to the other side of downtown North wharf, with the open spaces with the salted Hauraki pacific oceanic breeze.

Britomart itself offers many endless options of what to do to escape from work.  It has a collection of fashionable apparel stores, excellent eateries outlets, and the bohemian acquired Farmers market, in which previously they were held at the Aotea Square on Fridays afternoon.   Now there are held here at the Britomart every Saturday mornings, at Gore Street between the hours of eight thirty in the morning till twelve thirty in the afternoon.

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As to the fashionable store, most have come from another district of Auckland Central not too far from another fashionable district High Street O’Connell Street, also Chancery, the reason why of the move is the current rental rates have risen, that they decide to relocate to a progressively fresh new district where it’s more accessible to their customers to shop, given nearby Carpark, also public transport between trains and buses. Also the place is booming with activities given that there’s also another advantage is now a place where seafaring tourist can, shop closely, than walking another few hundred meters away.

Most of the fashion houses relocate are some of my favourite inspiring designers of many, Kate Sylvester, Karen Walker, madestore, also Zambesi. Plus there are many stores, that have located there just before the Britomart District have founded during at the time of the preparing of the Rugby world cup, was some now established store like Yoobee, an Apple store, which caters to creativeness from design, music, media to photography plus the staff are great after purchasing from them many times..    The District itself offers many more such as Restaurant and Bars, Galleries also Heath and beauty outlets.

Oh, if you decide to escape out from your office it’s best to have a three dimensional cardboard standee of you just in case…

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