Is this Auckland’s newest fashion district?

britomart district

Lately early mid last year there’s been pretty much of change in the progressively redevelopment of the Britomart district, which is locate in downtown Auckland right behind the central major surface train and bus station.   The place as I remembered it from its interesting past was a derelict useable bus station hub, with a multi levelling  carpark, and it was a place that you could see a scene that, where it get regular visits from Gene Hunt, with Manchester police department looking into it.

Britomart changed progressively throughout the two decades, form to derelict district part of Auckland downtown history to a now a fashionable trendsetting place to working offices hub to be in. It has various placements of activities to regenerate. Also it’s a place to be to escaping from work during the day, unless escaping to the other side of downtown North wharf, with the open spaces with the salted Hauraki pacific oceanic breeze.

Britomart itself offers many endless options of what to do to escape from work.  It has a collection of fashionable apparel stores, excellent eateries outlets, and the bohemian acquired Farmers market, in which previously they were held at the Aotea Square on Fridays afternoon.   Now there are held here at the Britomart every Saturday mornings, at Gore Street between the hours of eight thirty in the morning till twelve thirty in the afternoon.

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As to the fashionable store, most have come from another district of Auckland Central not too far from another fashionable district High Street O’Connell Street, also Chancery, the reason why of the move is the current rental rates have risen, that they decide to relocate to a progressively fresh new district where it’s more accessible to their customers to shop, given nearby Carpark, also public transport between trains and buses. Also the place is booming with activities given that there’s also another advantage is now a place where seafaring tourist can, shop closely, than walking another few hundred meters away.

Most of the fashion houses relocate are some of my favourite inspiring designers of many, Kate Sylvester, Karen Walker, madestore, also Zambesi. Plus there are many stores, that have located there just before the Britomart District have founded during at the time of the preparing of the Rugby world cup, was some now established store like Yoobee, an Apple store, which caters to creativeness from design, music, media to photography plus the staff are great after purchasing from them many times..    The District itself offers many more such as Restaurant and Bars, Galleries also Heath and beauty outlets.

Oh, if you decide to escape out from your office it’s best to have a three dimensional cardboard standee of you just in case…

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