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  In Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, in new redevelopments area of West Kowloon, nearby in the corner of Canton Road, and Austin Road West… At 88 Austin Road In which January 2019 is the official Opening of Xiqu Center in which its iconic bamboo tree forest exterior swaying in the wind within is the …

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#AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong #MTRHongKong |#香港 #HongKong #WestKowloonStation featuring acclaimed International mural artist #Artworks for the High Speed Rail Network ….

September 24, 2018

Map of Hong Kong Culture Location: Level B3 Departure Hall Green Wall Artist: Qiu Zhijie

In Already Tomorrow In HongKong, on the eve of Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival on 23rd September 2018 that’s open to the public in full operational order giving Hong Kong residents, Mainland also International Passengers in transporting them to various key cities in from Hong Kong towards mainland China… from the ten billion USD MTR Hong Kong Corporation West Kowloon Station in which taken least than eight years to build from land reclamation towards how it’s now provide a faster rail network system apart of the Belt and Road Initiative in connecting Hong Kong with Europe with a High Speed Rail..  like from Hong Kong –West Kowloon to Guangzhou from three hours to least than forty eight minutes, from twenty four hours towards the Mainland Capital Beijing to least than nine hours.. in connection with nine high velocity rail speed trains..

Wallscape Hong Kong Location: Level B2 Adit connection to WKCD Artist: MAP Office

Among the construction of the Hong Kong Station- West Kowloon Terminus is that the MTR Hong Kong is also its supporting the local communities in which its project is supporting local Artworks that are displayed inside and outside the Stations hubs.. One recent community artwork is displayed around the Southern line that’s connecting with the Ocean Park with surrounding lines…..

Mountains and Rivers without ends Location: Level B2 Arrival Hall Artist: Wucius Wong

Among with the recent arrival is the West Kowloon Terminus Station is its permanent large mural Artworks from well international acclaimed artist featuring six artists and their works from Hong Kong, Mainland China South Korea, France, morocco featuring in key memorable locations in

Rilic – 486 Location: Level G Entrance / Exit F Artist: Om Mee Ai

Featuring international acclaimed artist artworks is Qiu Zhijie- Map of Hong Kong Culture, Map Office-Wallscape Hong Kong, Om Mee Ai- Rilic-486, Javin Mo- Lost of Neon, also then and Tozer Pak – Horizon on the Border/ Ponder on the Border…

Lost of Neon Location: Level B2 Taxi Stand Area Artist: Javin Mo

Horizon on the Border / Ponder on the Border Location: Level B2 ENTRANCE / EXIT A Artist: Tozer Pak

  In Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, Discover Hong Kong in collaboration with Time Out Hong Kong have these intriguing adventures around Hong Kong, in which each street, neighbourhood  has its own story to tell historically with the present residing with that constantly written pages as each day unfold.. One district of Hong Kong in …

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In Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, on first September 2018, it was the open day of the new world Leading MTR Hong Kong Corporation MTR West Kowloon Station nearby Tsim Sha Tsui District… Located connection in between Austin Road Station also MTR Kowloon Station in which the station is interconnected with various points walk wise with …

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  In Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong, recently the world’s leading MTR Hong Kong Corporation… Has been recently issuing out new safety video on its various socials, in which safety is paramount in which in recent video, advertising they have been demonstrating in Hidden safety messages throughout its previous social media campaigns…   in which previously …

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