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國泰航空公司 Cathay Pacific –  on 22nd September 2022  with Super convenient, super worry-free, Cathay Pacific and Shenzhen Shekou Cruise Home Port held a memorandum signing ceremony in Shenzhen.  海天一客通 has a new upgrade, starting from mainland cities in the Greater Bay Area, enjoying one customs clearance and one processing , Baggage is checked directly to the destination, and it is easy to unlock international travel….

HKIA -Hong Kong International Airport City Multimodal Transport Services located in the Greater Bay Area of the Guangdong Province, China- People’s Republic of China in which Hong Kong International Airport has a Sky Ferry Terminal, which provides express ferry services for transit passengers, allowing passengers to enjoy a convenient air-sea intermodal journey. The Hong Kong International Airport has thus become a veritable multimodal hub. Connecting to Numerous Destinations which is a Smart choice for a relaxing journey which connecting you Global Destinations to Hong Kong International Airport towards Mainland Macau SAR and vice versa …..

Air to sea Transfer services – Everyday a lot of travellers pass through Hong Kong International Airport during their journey From here, you can reach 190 destinations around the world, Flying via Hong Kong International Airport to continue your onward journey, SkyPier is no Doubt the gateway to the Pearl Delta River and Macau SAR, Ferry Services are offered to the nine ports in the region   Dongguan Humen ,Guangzhou Lianhuashan, Guangzhou Nansha, Macao (Maritime Ferry Terminal),Macao (Taipa) ,Shenzhen Fuyong, Shenzhen Shekou, Zhongshan, Zhuhai Jiuzhou….

Ferry Services are offered to nine ports in the Region, Firstly proceeding to the ferry ticketing counters all same day arrival passengers with valid travel document of visa can enjoy the service… Passengers using SkyPier’s which you don’t go through immigration,  intermodal service can enjoy baggage transfer without going through immigration and customs clearance …. Baggage transfer service ….. Ticket readers are locate in the E1 and E2 Transfer Areas to check the status of your baggage passengers can then board the automated people Mover and proceed to the SkyPier for Ferry Boarding… With a Fast and simple Air to Sea transfer process, Passengers are offered a hassle-free journey Transferring to and from the Pearl Delta River and Macau SAR is equally quick and convenient ….

Sea To Air Transfer Services – in which departing from the Pearl River Delta in which you can connect to the world via Hong Kong International Airport Passengers can enjoy a variety of services when using this intermodal ferry services Passengers should have Travel Document, Visa, Air Ticket. To Purchase a Ferry Ticket, all you need is Valid Travel document or visa and same day air ticket Before setting of, be sure to visit Hong Kong International Airport website to check whether your airline, offers services at SkyPier …. Upon Arriving at SkyPier , Passengers can Check in at the Airline Transfer Desk, Airlines will issue a tax refund coupon to passengers who have prepaid the Air Passenger Departure Tax.  At the Counter will Receive- Baggage Tag- Boarding pass – Tax refunding coupon. After Security checks, the departure Tax Refund Desk, is right in front of you collect your cash refund and you can head straight to your boarding gate. There are also airlines that offer check- in services at the ferry ports, Upstream Check in Services – Working together with Ferry operators and airlines Hong Kong International Airports has introduced an upstream check-in service at various ports in the Pearl River Delta and Macau SAR   …… Passengers can check in the at the Pearl River Delta, You can Check in your baggage, collect your boarding pass and tax refund coupon in one go. Then simply board your ferry to SkyPier and enjoy your pleasant journey to the airport in which upstream check in services is least than eighty minutes Minimum connection time

To Hong Kong International Airport via the top ten terminals in the Greater Bay Area- Pear Delta River .

Traveling in the Greater Bay Area – Pearl River Delta- Cathay Pacific’s multimodal transport.. services cover major cities in the Greater Bay Area, providing you with a variety of high-quality, convenient and efficient travel methods to Hong Kong International Airport, easily connecting to Cathay Pacific flights, and traveling the world.

*Multimodal transportation refers to the transportation process completed by two or more vehicles connecting and transhipping each other.

^Affected by the new crown epidemic, only the Shenzhen Shekou cruise home port has resumed the clipper service from Shekou to Hong Kong International Airport, and the rest of the multimodal transport services are still suspended.

Hong Kong International Airport has a Sky Ferry Terminal, which provides express ferry services for transit passengers, allowing passengers to enjoy a convenient air-sea intermodal journey. The Hong Kong International Airport has thus become a veritable multimodal hub.

Informational – Images and visuals are of Cathay Pacific Airways Also of Hong Kong International Airport City

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During January 2022 The World’s Leading Public Transport provider The MTR Hong Kong – Hong Kong SAR-China- People’s Republic of China..   High Speed Rail connects Hong Kong with various Mainland stations. It provides another transportation option for you when travelling between Hong Kong and Mainland….  Destinations In which the High Speed Rail- Vibrant Express- High Speed Rail at West Kowloon Station located at West Kowloon Cultural District in which the Vibrant Express Bullet Trains your journey to the Mainland China- People’s Republic of China… in Which you have a another Travel option The High Speed Rail .

The High Speed Rail runs frequent and reliable services past the Great bay Area China, from Hong Kong SAR West Kowloon District, the High Speed Rail Service runs frequent and reliable services from Hong Kong SAR’s West Kowloon Station, Connects to  various Mainland National High Speed Rail Network Stations From which you can also interchange network.

The High Speed Rail Offers you a New Travel experience to go faster and further… whether you’re travelling for business or leisure an extraordinary journey awaits…

High Speed Rail Station Connections getting to Hong Kong SAR West Kowloon Station is easy, let’s have a look.. there’s various ways with footbridges and subway connection like ( four minutes’ walk to Tuen Mar Line Austin Station) or (twelve Minutes’ walk to Tung Chung line/ Airport Express line Kowloon Station.. ) with those connections towards Hong Kong West Kowloon Station to Austin and Kowloon MTR Station as well as to Elements….   

Just follow this orange icon and it will take you there, besides taking the MTR there’s Buses, Taxis, Mini Bus as modes of transport available.. in which you can park your car with an approx. 500 parking spaces… among is the comprehensive access makes Hong Kong West Kowloon Station a very convenient location for travellers … the High Speed Rail offers you a New Travel experience to go faster and further…..

#MadeInChina #中國製造 |#LandSpace #蓝箭航天 #May2021| Celebrating #ChinaSpaceDay #BookDay with eighteen #CITICBookstore #PopUpStores around China inspirationally Stars, Book, Sea with Unstoppable Explorations..

During the Month of May, on the later part of the month of 2021 24th May, it was China’s Space Day also Book Day in the Occasion of People’s Republic of China, During the Occasion celebrating in eighteen cites with LandSpace –Blue Arrow Aerospace in collaboration with CITIC Bookstore, we will jointly create a theme event of “Stars, Book Sea and Unstoppable Exploration” , which will be opened in the airport and city bookstores. A two-week expedition to space travel. We invite you to pay attention to the “growth” of Suzaku Rocket and witness the upward path of space exploration…. In which the event runs through the duration of April 23 to May 5th 2021….

In collaboration together in the occasion of China Aerospace Day, the outstanding domestic private aerospace company, Blue Arrow, descended into the eighteen cities, and cooperated with CITIC Bookstore to create the theme activity of “Stars•Book Sea Explore More”, and provided professional scientific knowledge guidance. LANDSPACE蓝箭航空…… One part of the Eighteen Cities is Domestic departure cross corridor on the third floor of Shenzhen Airport T3…

The books inspires Thinking is the existence that can surpass the gravity of reality. The rocket is the existence that can overcome gravity……Aerospace technology, while breaking the distance of space, also makes the sky full of stars within reach…. In which At the event site, you can not only feel the advanced thinking of rocket scientists, but also get exquisite and interesting customized space postcards. You will also have the opportunity to witness the Suzaku 2 rocket model…. In which is the core carrier rocket among many in LandSpace reusable series..

Onwards LandSpace 蓝箭航天 One of sixty Chinese private space Carrier Rocket Companies in China-People’s Republic of China..   , LandSpace Blue Arrow Aerospace … located in Beijing (Zhonghang International Plaza, No. 13 Ronghua South Road, Yizhuang Economic and Technological Development Zone, Beijing as their main head office in Land Space’s headquarter, Beijing R&D Center is located in Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone in E-town…  in which they also have numerous branches in Xian Research and Development Center.. also Located Huzhou Intelligent Manufacturing center in providing testing as assemblies of the components together …

Images and visuals are from Weibo

#MadeInChina #GreaterBayArea #Shenzhen #深圳 #中國 #更大的海灣地區 | #BCM #ShenzhenLightShow lighting up the Shenzhen Central District celebrating with #LaserLightShow anniversary of forty years anniversary of leading international innovations..


In across the special administrative region of In Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong, is another region nearby in the Greater Bay Area in which is one of the world’s international innovations hub leading region is Shenzhen is celebrating the region’s forty year anniversary from developing from a fishing village towards an international innovation technology leader as that region open up in the great leap forward…. in which the City of Shenzhen with its illumining light show is inspired by  Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong’s Symphony of Lights..

Celebrating the forty year anniversary of on 28th September 2018, tittle the “Glorious New Era” the Shenzhen Central District commission new building installations in which illuminating forty three buildings in orchestrated symphony, in which premiering with various thematically themes of the City of Shenzhen,  in which the main theme is the Glorious New Era, in which the story includes four chapters  of the Shenzhen’s landscape the mountainous also the seas , the window of reform, the capital of innovations, also the realm of harmony…..

Within the forty three building the central one is the six hundred meter tall is the Ping An Finance Center in which commands the attention also provides as the conductor in orchestra the symphony as the major landmark in conducting the urban city civic centre display with various different techniques with also intelligent control mechanisms in displaying from thematically theme form Chinese Classical Styles toward the modern Pop Culture art that painted illustrated on the buildings of forty three displays that bring in with dynamic and surrounding visually immersive viewing experiences that surrounds the whole centre civic square..


Performing “Four Chapters” to Show “Glorious New Era”

The four chapters highlight the theme of “reform and opening up”:

(1) The first chapter: the city of mountains and seas. Since the reform and opening up, Shenzhen has undergone tremendous changes from Bianbu Agricultural County to a modern metropolis. Beginning to express the mountains and the sea in a classical painting style, it is a peaceful and peaceful scene. The resurgence of the stars indicates that the times are changing and the picture rhythm is speeding up. Using the architectural light and shadow show to express the construction speed of Shenzhen, the picture sometimes enters the sea to appear active fish, and sometimes jumps out of the golden sunlight to illuminate the beautiful life.

(2) The second chapter: the window of reform. It is a wonderful epitome of Shenzhen’s historic changes and evokes common memories. Minghua round sailed into the port, the first shot of the Shekou mountain, and the sculpture of the scorpion cow, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the Luohu Port, the mountain banyan tree, the Qianhai stone, etc., showing that Shenzhen stood at the forefront of reform from beginning to end. In the end, the golden Dapeng wings spread in the sky, symbolizing that Shenzhen is at the forefront of the new era, and the new journey is the best.

(3) The third chapter: the capital of innovation. Shenzhen is a city of innovation and a city with innovative genes. Gathering landmarks around the world through light and shadow, representing the global innovation elements gathered in Shenzhen. The aircraft and high-speed rail represent the convenient transportation facilities in Shenzhen. Genetic engineering, drones and robots represent the level of technological innovation in Shenzhen.

(4) Chapter 4: The Realm of Harmony. A scene in which Shenzhen people live in harmony with nature and live a better life. Through the mangroves and birds, flowers and butterflies, the beautiful ecological environment. Young people are running and dancing in the square. The children are playing and chasing on the beach. Under the blue sky and the blue sea, yachts and sailboats shuttle through, and they have a happy life scene. Finally, the fireworks rise from the ground, bloom in the air, radiate golden light, and bring together the words “Shenzhen welcomes you” to showcase the city’s vastness and eclecticism, reflecting the open and inclusive urban temperament of Shenzhen.

#MadeInChina #中國製造 | #DJI #DJMGIP Agricultural Spraying Drone.. Making farming reliable efficiency ….


Made in China – 中國製造, Home located across the cities region in between Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong towards Shenzhen- DJI has comes out with a revolutionary very safe way in spraying Pesticides, also insecticides of various assortments in order providing productive working efficiency also reduction of operational cost for farmers whom operated from family to industrial market gardening in Agricultural Spraying..

When knowingly understandably  Doing traditionally Agricultural spraying it can becomes a work hazard in gearing up in the right safety gear in preparation in which doing manned wise of utilizing the Tractor with the spraying device that connected towards the PTO that’s connected at the back the tractor to generated the pump generator to pump out the required dosage of right mixture of spray..  In which spraying with the tractor can be very time consuming in driving around the farm in vigorously spraying around the paddocks..

The DJI AGRAS MG-1S as combinations of innovations in which DJI has integrated with the all new A3 flight controller, with advance radar sensing systems that provides accurate reliability during flight also with a precession spraying system for an accurate flow rate…..

With the onboard radar the DJI AGRAS MG-1S Agricultural Spraying Drone, has an advance multiple radar sensing systems in which during the process of flight it will map out any obstacles that it learns for its next spraying operations, along with radar sensors….  Among it the drone has several redundancies just in case one part of the systems fail to continue the operation..

The DJI AGRAS MG-1S Agricultural Spraying Drone Controller can operated instead of one spraying drone it also can operated with Operation planning system in which a landscape mapping system that integrated with the controller also its DJI AGRICULTURE MANAGEMENT PLATFORM  that’s helps you to manage the spraying layout arrangements ..  Within the drone it has search lights in which can be operated during night spraying with an inbuilt with a 1080 HD 123 Degrees camera in which can be used to map out waypoints around the spraying affected area… in with a five hour working time…. As one controller it can pilot a fleet of five Drones to decrease the spraying time in that required field so the farmer can move onto another task..