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國泰航空公司 Cathay Pacific –  on 22nd September 2022  with Super convenient, super worry-free, Cathay Pacific and Shenzhen Shekou Cruise Home Port held a memorandum signing ceremony in Shenzhen.  海天一客通 has a new upgrade, starting from mainland cities in the Greater Bay Area, enjoying one customs clearance and one processing , Baggage is checked directly to the destination, and it is easy to unlock international travel….

HKIA -Hong Kong International Airport City Multimodal Transport Services located in the Greater Bay Area of the Guangdong Province, China- People’s Republic of China in which Hong Kong International Airport has a Sky Ferry Terminal, which provides express ferry services for transit passengers, allowing passengers to enjoy a convenient air-sea intermodal journey. The Hong Kong International Airport has thus become a veritable multimodal hub. Connecting to Numerous Destinations which is a Smart choice for a relaxing journey which connecting you Global Destinations to Hong Kong International Airport towards Mainland Macau SAR and vice versa …..

Air to sea Transfer services – Everyday a lot of travellers pass through Hong Kong International Airport during their journey From here, you can reach 190 destinations around the world, Flying via Hong Kong International Airport to continue your onward journey, SkyPier is no Doubt the gateway to the Pearl Delta River and Macau SAR, Ferry Services are offered to the nine ports in the region   Dongguan Humen ,Guangzhou Lianhuashan, Guangzhou Nansha, Macao (Maritime Ferry Terminal),Macao (Taipa) ,Shenzhen Fuyong, Shenzhen Shekou, Zhongshan, Zhuhai Jiuzhou….

Ferry Services are offered to nine ports in the Region, Firstly proceeding to the ferry ticketing counters all same day arrival passengers with valid travel document of visa can enjoy the service… Passengers using SkyPier’s which you don’t go through immigration,  intermodal service can enjoy baggage transfer without going through immigration and customs clearance …. Baggage transfer service ….. Ticket readers are locate in the E1 and E2 Transfer Areas to check the status of your baggage passengers can then board the automated people Mover and proceed to the SkyPier for Ferry Boarding… With a Fast and simple Air to Sea transfer process, Passengers are offered a hassle-free journey Transferring to and from the Pearl Delta River and Macau SAR is equally quick and convenient ….

Sea To Air Transfer Services – in which departing from the Pearl River Delta in which you can connect to the world via Hong Kong International Airport Passengers can enjoy a variety of services when using this intermodal ferry services Passengers should have Travel Document, Visa, Air Ticket. To Purchase a Ferry Ticket, all you need is Valid Travel document or visa and same day air ticket Before setting of, be sure to visit Hong Kong International Airport website to check whether your airline, offers services at SkyPier …. Upon Arriving at SkyPier , Passengers can Check in at the Airline Transfer Desk, Airlines will issue a tax refund coupon to passengers who have prepaid the Air Passenger Departure Tax.  At the Counter will Receive- Baggage Tag- Boarding pass – Tax refunding coupon. After Security checks, the departure Tax Refund Desk, is right in front of you collect your cash refund and you can head straight to your boarding gate. There are also airlines that offer check- in services at the ferry ports, Upstream Check in Services – Working together with Ferry operators and airlines Hong Kong International Airports has introduced an upstream check-in service at various ports in the Pearl River Delta and Macau SAR   …… Passengers can check in the at the Pearl River Delta, You can Check in your baggage, collect your boarding pass and tax refund coupon in one go. Then simply board your ferry to SkyPier and enjoy your pleasant journey to the airport in which upstream check in services is least than eighty minutes Minimum connection time

To Hong Kong International Airport via the top ten terminals in the Greater Bay Area- Pear Delta River .

Traveling in the Greater Bay Area – Pearl River Delta- Cathay Pacific’s multimodal transport.. services cover major cities in the Greater Bay Area, providing you with a variety of high-quality, convenient and efficient travel methods to Hong Kong International Airport, easily connecting to Cathay Pacific flights, and traveling the world.

*Multimodal transportation refers to the transportation process completed by two or more vehicles connecting and transhipping each other.

^Affected by the new crown epidemic, only the Shenzhen Shekou cruise home port has resumed the clipper service from Shekou to Hong Kong International Airport, and the rest of the multimodal transport services are still suspended.

Hong Kong International Airport has a Sky Ferry Terminal, which provides express ferry services for transit passengers, allowing passengers to enjoy a convenient air-sea intermodal journey. The Hong Kong International Airport has thus become a veritable multimodal hub.

Informational – Images and visuals are of Cathay Pacific Airways Also of Hong Kong International Airport City

#AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong #香港 #中國| #香港國際機場 #HKIA #HongKongInternationalAirport #March2022| #HongKongInternationAirportCity newest #ThirdRunway is now operationally HKIA Passenger and Cargo Stand Re-designation…..

On Previously 2nd December 2021 In a Newest Runway December 2021, the Hong Kong Airport Authority- Hong Kong International Airport- Hong Kong International Airport City ….. introducing 香港國際機場Hong Kong International Airport. – Hong Kong International Airport City newest operational third runway in which a new re-designation of three runways ….  As another major Three-runway System milestone, we have re-designated the existing North Runway (07L/25R) at #HKIA as the Centre Runway (07C/25C)!

On in between 11th to 12th February 2022 HKIA Hong Kong International Airport preparations works for a now three runway system in which previously now Parking Standing Numbers have prefixes indicating their locations … Some Current Prefixes will be used as Taxiway designators for the new Three- Runway System.. Parking Stands were closed in Phases in for re-designation while maintaining normal airport operations ….

Phases in for re-designation while maintaining normal airport operations ….Cargo Stands prefix switch from”C” to “X” in which during the re-designation 36 Cargo Stands have been re-designated .. Providingly Nine Movement Area guidance signs updated also of the Passenger Stand Prefix “E” to “N” Or “S”  within the two days Nine Passengers Stands have been re-designation with the Stand Numbers indicator updated, as the updating of the re-designation Relevant back-end systems updated ….

Images and visuals are of the the Hong Kong Airport Authority- Hong Kong International Airport- Hong Kong International Airport City

#CNSA #ChinaNationalSpaceAdministration #國家航天局 |#BeltAndRoadinitiative #January2022 |#火星 # 天問 #天问一号#TianwenOne #MarsMission #Marslander #MarsRover #Tianwen1 probe  #祝融号 #ZhuRong Tianwen1 New Year’s Day greetings with #NewYearDay2022 #MarsPhotography images returned by the Tianwen-1 probe

On the months of January 2022 1st January 2022 on New Years Day  天问一号飞運騎遊達达3亿CNSA – China National Space Administration – ESA – European Space agency Belt and road initiative mars mission…first Mars exploration mission, Tianwen- Martian Probe One  sent back stunning images of the Half Earth Mass size of the Rustic Planet Mars in which show stunning Martian landscape with its iconic polar caps of either southern or northern .. with its timeless Stunning Mars Photography.

Orbiter and Mars photo

On 2022 New Year’s Day, China National Space Administration CLEP – China Lunar Exploration program  issued a set of beautiful images of the first Mars mission Heaven 1 spacecraft returned from distant Mars, report to the National People ‘Heaven One “peace, extended festival greetings .

This set of images includes a photo of the orbiter and Mars, a close-up of the orbiter, the North Pole ice cap of Mars, and the “Zhurong” rover shooting fire landforms, etc., showing the operating status of the orbiter, the “Zhurong” rover, and the acquired surface of Mars form.

In Figure 1, the orbiter is flying over the north pole of Mars. The orbiter body is golden, the directional antenna for high-speed data communication with the ground is silver (under the orbiter body), and the solar wing is in good condition. The white area on Mars is the “ice” sheet covering the North Pole. Unlike the ice at the two poles of the Earth, the “ice” of Mars is composed of dry ice (solid carbon dioxide) and water ice. The dark area below Mars is the Olympia Shabo of Mars, the bright circular crater in the upper left corner is named Korolev Pit, and the remaining red and dark areas are bare ground.

 Partial close-up of the orbiter

In Figure 2, the solar wing on the side of the orbiter is fully deployed and the attitude is stable. An unfolded subsurface detection radar antenna is parallel to the solar wing, and the magnetometer extension rod extends to the upper left of the surround.

Mars Arctic Ice Sheet

Figure 3 shows the Martian North Pole ice cap, the bedding is clearly visible. After years of deposition and ablation, it presents a spiral landform composed of a white ice layer centered on the pole and bare ground.  

Figure 4 is a mosaic of 3 images acquired by the “Zhurong” Mars rover recently using a navigation terrain camera. In the figure, we can see typical Martian topography such as ring craters and rocks. As of December 31, 2021, the Tianwen-1 orbiter has been in orbit for 526 days, and is currently about 350 million kilometers away from the Earth. The communication delay is about 19.5 minutes. 1400 meters. At present, the Tianwen No. 1 mission is carrying out detection and related tests as planned, and a total of about 560GB of raw scientific data has been returned. The two devices are in good condition and operating normally.

Images and visuals are from CNSA- China National Space Administration also from there respectives..

#香港 #AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong | #西九龍 #WestKowloonDistrict #December2021 #January 2022 |西九文化區藝術公園—全新維港綠色藝文空間 #WestKowloonArtPark – #HongKongSAR #HongKong Hong Kong New Year Countdown Concert – with many other #InternationalEvents 

The Hong Kong SAR China – People’s Republic of China – New Year Countdown Celebrations from December 2021 towards January 2022 organised by the Hong Kong Tourism Board will be held in the West Kowloon Cultural District on 31st December 2021 starting from 10pm, offering an exciting outdoor party – the Hong Kong New Year Countdown Concert. A countdown clock will also be displayed on the LED facade of the newly opened M+ for the first time for the public to ring in 2022 together. We welcome you to join us by watching the live stream on the various media platforms on West Kowloon Cultural District Facebook page and West Kowloon Cultural District mobile app. In which is it is the first time Fireworks made a comeback also other key events after period of least four years due to Foreign interference of Hong Kong SAR internal Affairs of China- People’s Republic of China and its saviour Hong Kong SAR’s National Security law in absolute resolution on countering the Foreign interference that stability of the SAR Residents people’s livelihood safety has been secured and the pandemic has brought to minimum with maximum  level of control with intense restrictions  ….

Celebrate New Year’s Eve with the hottest Hong Kong New Year Countdown Concert hosting the event is宋熙年; Sarah Song  watch the exciting live stream with popular local artists — AGA, Alfred Hui, Gin Lee, Jay Fung, Joyce Cheng, MIRROR and Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra. Celebrate New Year’s Eve and welcome 2022 with Hong Kong! The show would also be available on ViuTV website and ViuTV channel 99

「香港跨年倒數演唱會」即將登場!除夕夜(12月31日)晚上10:00起,於Discover Hong Kong的YouTube與Facebook平台、ViuTV網站 bit.ly/3qACwDS 及ViuTV 99台同步直播,有江海迦(AGA)、許廷鏗、李幸倪(Gin Lee)、馮允謙、鄭欣宜、MIRROR與香港管弦樂團,與你一同倒數,迎接2022!

The venue was located in the New West Kowloon Cultural district Artspace藝術公園大草坪 Great Lawn, Art Park in which the venue partner is Venue Partner: :西九文化區West Kowloon Cultural District- West Kowloon Cultural District among the primary Organizer香港旅遊發展局Hong Kong Tourism Board…..

Images and visuals are of the West Kowloon District Hong Kong Tourism Board of Hong Kong SAR –China – People’s Republic of China

#香港 #AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong | #MTRHongKong #港鐵 #December2021 | #MTRHongKong #Railcation #二人團 浪漫足印  #Staycation Railcation – Joyful #FootPrints of #love Together .

During December 2021 The World’s Leading Public Transport provider The MTR Hong Kong – Hong Kong SAR-China- People’s Republic of China..   In the term of Staycation why not take MTR Hong Kong Railcation  and check out one of various You don’t have to fly on a plane to look for somewhere romantic – ride on MTR instead! Hand in hand, enjoy the red leaves in Tai Tong and visit Nam Sang Wai in Yuen Long. Get ideas from our recommended routes for exquisite sunset scenes, and start planning a sweet trip with your loved one! 

In which Karen and Jason is about to embark on to travelling adventuring exploring romantically together on from Long Ping Station taking from B2 exit walking together to taking the Tai Tong Shan Road on MTR bus K66A bus route in which in thirty minutes reaching to you destination.. in which exploring the T Chai Red Leaves bus in which is part of the route to Tuen Ma Line/ Light Rail interchange ..  Then exploring the Sweet Gum woods in which takes a forty minutes’ walk with red leaves blooming like winter snow blossoms..   

After a pleasant walk taking towards MTR Yuen Long Station to Tung Tau Tsuen. After exploring taking to Chestwood Station.. as your journey progress from Yau Tong, then to Tuen Mun interchange to MTR Bus KS2 then to Sham Shui Po for some awesome sunset view.. ..

Images and visuals are of MTR Hong Kong