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In Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, During the Wintery Season for Hong Kong city iconic lighting neonic landscape is the Hong Kong Light Pulse Festival show for 2018 calendar in ready for the festive season that ahead to bring in the Christmas with the new years of 2019… Organised by the HKTB- Hong Kong Tourism Board  in which this festively of lights set to light up the in duration in between 29th November 2018 towards the 24 February 2019…  in which there was an special wintery A Symphony of Lights’ edition with the additionally new feature with fireworks introduction also more light show attractions brighten up the night international cityscape of Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour…

In which was In which during duration of the Pulse light festival show 2018, in which installed newly winter edition redention score of the Symphony of lights that discotech in between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon city landscape with more lighting visual effects … in which brightens up Victoria Harbour in which the festival stretches from Hong Kong Harbour central towards Tamar parkalso towards the Hong Kong’s former international Airport now a Kai Tak International Terminal in which that newly winter edition redention was performed by Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra…. in which co-ornidated with

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