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Just found this, and it’s pretty cool, if you decide to be in non- uniform in Starfleet command, on your shore leave, and you trying to determine to find out which department that you’re in? Well this might be a solution; of these Star Trek TOS coloured iPhone four, four Siri cases with the departmental will do the trick of identifying with the departmental insignias on them, from command, science, engineering also if you decide to feel a bit alternative there’s a mirror universe cover one as well.  These are Federation, Starfleet approved, but if you decide go for great adventuring the red maybe a nice colour for you? Also I’ve just remebered also just in time to  fashionably accessorised for the Star trek- into darkness, which begins it’s cinema release on the 17th May 2013.

Like to know more  about the Star Trek TOS style iphone cases..? Can be found at

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