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DEC-JAN 14-2012-2013-SONY 033

This month of January, if you’re down travelling at the southern hemisphere, Auckland. You’re in for a treat looking in between North to East wise direction, about twilighting about nine at night. If you look closely you’ll see Jupiter in the night sky, in the Taurus Constellation, left off Aldebaran, and right of the clusters of stars known as the Seven Sisters, also known as Subaru, as to also Matariki. On the rightly towards east is the constellation Orion also Canis Major, the dog constellation.

As to Looking at Jupiter, through the Telescope you could see its four main large moons, Calisto, Ganymede, Europa and Io. In Auckland, New Zealand  it rise from the East at 17:20 hours till it sets down in the west 03:13 in the morning.

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