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As this year In Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong, at the world leading MTR Hong Kong Corporation.. in nearby Tsim Sha Tsui, MTR Hong Kong’s West Kowloon it was the grand opening of the High Speed Rail- Vibrant Express in which connects towards many destinations in Canton province also towards the Capital Beijing… One of many cities it connects towards is Guangzhou is Canton Province Capital… from the traditional three to four hours train time reducing with the modern West Kowloon  High Speed Rail, least than forty eight minutes.. In which makes easier for those whom live across the border in between Mainland and Hong Kong SAR to work, visit, or educationally daily without having to travel by aircraft at Hong Kong International Airport……The station’s design has won several awards including a Golden Winner in the Architecture, Building and Structure Design category of A’ Design Awards 2016-2017 and a Gold Winner of the Best Futura Mega Project, MIPIM Asia Awards 2015.

It was first introduction promoted by TVB’s presenter-actress Jacqueline Wong..  in which showing the numerous features of the construction of the Station Hub itself also the features of the Vibrant Express Bullet trains.. In which this cute romantic premise like the previous MTR Hong Kong Anime previously did on safety on the MTR network in which had an Anime premise of “Your Name” in which these two cute soon to be couple, Her – HongKonger Business Traveler and Him- Japanese Tourist when exploring with a companion in which everyone would know that is a voice search engine that’s within Apple’s iOS eco system…

In which both using, asking their companion Siri of where to purchase High Speed Rail ticket, Siri points out in in Chinese- Cantonese also in Japanese it points out towards the West Kowloon station ticketing in which if you’re a foreigner you’ll need you passport in purchasing the required ticketing in which for her it’s the Hong Kong ID..  They both meet when she pulls out her iPhone from back dress trousers slips out her ticket onto the floor in which there where they first meet him handling her slip out ticket while she’s occupied……

In which later him explores the Station Hub interiors, while his Siri points out what’s West Kowloon nearby Elements, Xiqu Center, Hong Kong Cultural Center in which he explores till meeting her again working .. While she points out that she wants to eat something healthy nearby suggestions.. In which both meet again after boarding the Vibrant Express train to Guangzhou… In which the Vibrant Express train has numerous features, while travelling with free high velocity WiFi, with easy swinging cabin airliner chairs, also power ports in which allows you to charge up your devices, in which allows to work at the same time.. In which she asked “Hey Siri When would I Meet my True love..?” in which there he his meeting her in company in a journey together..

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In Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, currently this month of August 2018, at Time Square Causeway Bay, there is a Gundam Exhibition that runs in between eleventh August towards second September 2018, in which located in an Ultra mega Mall – Time Square Piazza1 Matheson St, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong…..  featuring in the front of the piazza is a large almost life size Gundam featuring RX-93 Nu Gundam vs. MSN-04 Sazabi figures that was constructed in the process overnight with the six meter replica scaled down version of the thirty meter tall mechatech robotic exo suit..

The Hong Kong Time Square – Gundam exhibition docks three  was open with four Hong Kong TVB’s actress and presenters with Louisa Mak, Nancy Wu, and Chrissie Chau in company with Crystal Fung…   with another two key parties of the organizers ….

Featuring among the with the Time Square Gundam Docks at Hong Kong three, for the third time.. Features numerous exhibits with the light show that starts in the evening between daily Monday to Sunday between 1800 to 2000 hours Hong Kong Time.. That rotates every thirty minutes…  Among the exhibit is the GUNDAM Build Divers Zone in which it exhibits various cute Gundam mascots in which there are characterized in Beargguy Land themed in with “Beargguy”, “Petit’gguy”, and “Haro”…… among with besides the Beargguy theme zone is the Gundam Game Zone in where it played on the PlayStation four release of the game “Gundam Breaker with the “Gundam Versus” with the mobile gaming platform ““MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM: Immediate Response Front” in which you can play on a very large smart phone screen to see how you complete with the other Gundam players online or right next to you..

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Star Trek Online -Anime Inspired StarShips

アリタクラス – Alita Class

アリタクラス- ALITA CLASS … is  a Heavy escort Carrier inspired by the Anime name Alita Battle Angel Alita in which is cyberpunk action Manga Anime Character created by Yukito Kishiro in which aired as a four part episode in which aired in between 1990’s to 2014.. it latest redention is a live action movie done my creators of Avatar in which James Cameron  pinned the lead Alita- Battle Angel  – Rosa Salazar  ….

The Alita Class – A Heavy Escort Carrier is an extremely durable ship also once you tune, tweak it out towards your skillset … Given that you want to down size your carrier from a Galaxy dreadnought carrier to something smaller with still the same amount of fire power but with a little more maneuverability… like it’s older sister the Akira Class… but with larger facilities to cater for more of longer duration missions also fighting the fight as it was indented too

アリタクラス – Alita Class – inspired by Animie name Alita Battle Angel Alita in which is cyberpunk action Manga Anime Character created by Yukito Kishiro…..

Basically The Alita Class is a cannon, Turret, Torpedo Heavy Carrier Escort.. in which the size, it orientation of its design allows you to have the maximum most coverage in retaining that fire power with cannons re-charge- cooling rates to o a minimum the Alita has quite the advantage of being more Tactical/ engineering than to a science vessel… in which you can utilised the type of fighters or repairable work bee with essentials repairs…. The design inspiration looking at it comes with some element taken from the Miranda class with the look of design linage… with the saucer section as primary it major hull with the torpedo launcher that’s place on top among with the interconnecting engineering Hull with the warp Nacelles..

Alita class with a three piece set the Universal consoles of the Point Defenses systems, Torpedo point Defence systems, also the destabilized Tachyon emitters it’ll give you an increase in recharge time also Pilot bridge officers abilities… Increase in accuracy, and critical hit chance…


明クラス– Akira Class

明クラス– Akira Class is the one of the most iconic Heavy Escort carrier, the class can be describe as the older sister of the Alita Class as It was featured as part of the first strike force in encounting the Borg Cube in which was resultant the disabled USS Defiant but salvageable as seen in Star Trek First Contact ..

Akira is which a Japanese female name in which means “Bright” “Clear” in which also Akira is a also named inspired by Japanese Manga Anime Character in which telecast in the 1988, created by Katsuhiro Otomo in which set in a post-Apocalyptic world in 2019, in which Akira tells the story of a friend whom acquired certain enhance human Telekinetic abilities after an accident that eventuated threaten a military complex in a post-Apocalyptic that’s run by the underground Tokyo world… in which is very similar to Akira abilities..

明クラス- Akira Class – .. Akira is which a Japanese female name in which means “Bright” “Clear

The 464.63 meter long, built at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards, Mars. The Akira Class is was featured in numerous expeditions in which was featured in the Battle of Sector 001, Dominion War, also called to arms.. The Design of the Akira was an innovative approach also going back to a single hulling approach in which similar to the Miranda class, NX Class in going for the Saucer section look approach…. With all the design of multiple of tactical systems, in  which flying the Akira-Heavy Escort carrier – is like flying a gunship- Battlecruiser….. At a modest close range with firing then moving towards the next target…  in which the ship with heavy retro maneuvering thrusters systems on each placement of the saucer section of the ship it allows it to become more maneuvering than any other class..



ヤマトクラス – The Yamato Class

ヤマトクラス – The Yamato Class– is the evolution younger sister of the Galaxy Class Dreadnought in which it’s size length is the comparative the same but it hulling design is sleeker like going from seventy style dress to a modern sleeker Chinese Oriental Qipao dress Andromeda Class Look with a bad ass sniper rifle with a bayonet at the end when it meets its opponent or unwanted company…..

As the development from the Galaxy to the Yamato, taking its name from the Japanese Anime Battleship Yamato, also from the largest world war two Battleship constructed at the financially broken Imperial Japan at the end of the war in which gotten met it’s end with the onslaught of Allied forces..

As for the inspiration for its name, inspired by the Anime series宇宙戦艦ヤマト- Space Battleship Yamato in which written by Yoshinobu Nishizaki in which aired on sixth October 1974..  in which the premise set in the year 2199 in which earth has been invade by an alien species, The Gamilas,  whom invade Earth by firing at the planet with radioactive device in result, Humanity had to resort to living in massive underground cities..  in which the inhabitants built a massive resistant force with World War two battleship relics of the past with massive modifications to counter the Gamilas.. with it iconic the wave motion gun that iconic to the Yamato look… in which that transcended towards the Yamato Class Spinal Phaser Lance..

The Younger Sister of the Galaxy Class Dreadnought the – ヤマトクラス – The Yamato Class….

The Yamato Class is like the Battle Tank is the youngest sister of  Galaxy  Dreadnought class its more bulk larger in size in hull, with a larger deflector shield dish, an a more a solid saucer section with a mean Spinal Phaser Lance that’s acts like a Sniper’s rifle with a taste of a bayonet.. When comes to Saucer separation, the Spinal Phaser Lance becomes more a dual Shot gun rifle so moving into the target would require a much closer range rather without the saucer separation…

The Tier Six Yamato Class comes without the console parts of the previous Exploration Cruisers or its Dreadnought sisters, given that you have those consoles it this case it’s those consoles will give you an advantage given without one console you won’t able to use that shot gun during saucer separation .. The ship is also a carrier with one hanger bay console for the fighters, but it also contains a saucer hanger also for other various fighter shuttle types…..

#AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong #香港 #MTRHongKong | 她和他的第一句話 – The First Time They Spoke- a very cute #Anime ….



In Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong, among the million of passengers whom commute every day, every week, every month, year on the World leading MTR Hong Kong MTR system…. There’s was one scene in where there was two people meet together through the MTR Hong Kong App in which there was general mistakenly of indentions but  it work out together as newly young couple working out fine going through life together timelessly…

Another story develops on the Tsuen Wan to Hong Kong Central line in which this Cute Animie story plays in which basically as girl meet boy vice versa but longing for each other to the meet personally to have they first time that they spoke.. in which they first met at the Ngau Tau Kok Station, Mong Kok Station few other stations … in which they sometimes have miss opportunism in meeting each other at the right moment,  until that moment back to back each other they bump backwards together on the same train standing….  till they first spoke both “ Sorry didn’t do that deliberately” they blushed as they got together first time  with Chloe and Anson..

The Anime has some very hidden safety messages that says always stand behind the yellow line.. Always stand aside on the right or left of the elevator holding the hand rails also making sure that you pay attention to the people foot traffic ahead of you, and surrounding environment pay least attention to looking at your smart phone in being mindfully attentive to your environment… Also have your Octopus Card at the ready..  她和他的第一句話 The First Time They Spoke has a lot of the recently Japanese Anime Your Name animation premise to the Hong Kong storyline in which how these characters Chloe and Anson meet… in which to the real life action one in the previous story in which of the extra add features of the MTR Hong Kong Corporation’s Mobile Application with added eco-system features of finding your way around the MTR Hong Kong Transportation network..

NETFLIX | VOLTRON- legendary defender of universe..


Starting out on June 10th 2016 in which is least that twenty four hours  counting down on Netflix is the brand new series  reboot from a 1980’s anime classic is “ DreamWorks- Voltron – Legendary Defender of the Universe” in which I once saw, watched frequently while in living in Hong Kong as well to the classic G-force in which has the same type of premise of an alien antagonist whom what’s to reclaim back lost grounds  what he lost long time ago in dominating the Universe as unknowingly a group over confident teenagers whom could figure out what they want in life, but found their cause when they find a colleague they knew whom seeking, sneaking out at night investigating out  in a Sherlock manner and investigating of some sort of signal that which leads to them to a vital clue of the first components of tiger or lion like vehicles on the scale wise like in Pacific Rim of that gigantic scale that once form its enormous assemble sizes topple even the tallest of buildings of today on Earth..

With ancient Voltron weaponry on their side the group whom pilot the large defender robot defends the freedom of humanities also its allies against a new threat that on coming.. I like this story-line; it’s intense in which shows how the group of misfit’s teenagers matures in becoming that very Voltron adventuring exploring within intuition as they fight the cause in which this series brought back so many Hong Kong New Territories moments in watching that classic on Hong Kong TVB on analogy television …. Starring: Steven Yeun, Jeremy Shada Tyler Labine……