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In Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, currently this month of August 2018, at Time Square Causeway Bay, there is a Gundam Exhibition that runs in between eleventh August towards second September 2018, in which located in an Ultra mega Mall – Time Square Piazza1 Matheson St, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong…..  featuring in the front of the piazza is a large almost life size Gundam featuring RX-93 Nu Gundam vs. MSN-04 Sazabi figures that was constructed in the process overnight with the six meter replica scaled down version of the thirty meter tall mechatech robotic exo suit..

The Hong Kong Time Square – Gundam exhibition docks three  was open with four Hong Kong TVB’s actress and presenters with Louisa Mak, Nancy Wu, and Chrissie Chau in company with Crystal Fung…   with another two key parties of the organizers ….

Featuring among the with the Time Square Gundam Docks at Hong Kong three, for the third time.. Features numerous exhibits with the light show that starts in the evening between daily Monday to Sunday between 1800 to 2000 hours Hong Kong Time.. That rotates every thirty minutes…  Among the exhibit is the GUNDAM Build Divers Zone in which it exhibits various cute Gundam mascots in which there are characterized in Beargguy Land themed in with “Beargguy”, “Petit’gguy”, and “Haro”…… among with besides the Beargguy theme zone is the Gundam Game Zone in where it played on the PlayStation four release of the game “Gundam Breaker with the “Gundam Versus” with the mobile gaming platform ““MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM: Immediate Response Front” in which you can play on a very large smart phone screen to see how you complete with the other Gundam players online or right next to you..

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