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The SOYUZ CLASS is an extended version variant of the Miranda class in which has a larger shuttle hanger in the rear of the ship than the other smaller two on after on port and starboard… it has other variations to the standard Miranda Class, in which the torpedo launcher struts is not in its traditional placement, in which relocated in the different section of the ship or it doesn’t have that required placement in which it has Phaser turrets mount in rear of the ship has is placement.. …

 SOYUZ CLASS series was built in the servicement- Commission  in the mid 23 century until that series class was retired in the late 2280’s in which most of the fleet had its parts removed, relocated for other installation in other vessels in the fleet…

The only time when this Soyuz Class was seen in was in Next Generation series, in where, it was featured in the Cause and Effect episode where it was the USS Bozeman, in which a lead a partaking on the repeated Temporal Kerr loop cycle of the destruction of the Galaxy Class USS Enterprise D…….in which you can get your Soyuz Class – Advance Light Cruiser at Star Trek Online…..

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