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As Europe and the European Union sets out into space also towards the Red rusty Planet Mars.. There’s a new Martian Rover coming soon in which NASA –JPL Martian Rover Curiosity in which the Airbus – ESA – European Space Agency -ExoMars Martian Rover is an enhance version of the American Counterpart…

In which the ExoMars Rover is expected to be ready wise in the year 2020 will arrive in the Northern Hemisphere Spring season of 2021.. With a 30 Kilogram Rover on Mars in which will have an unmatched capabilities automatically navigate within seventy meters per day without any instructionally outside guidance from mission control unlike the NASA-JPL Martian Rover- Curiosity..

As with currently developing the ExoMars…. Current evolutionally developments are under way in the testing field for the final collaborationally technologies process of going to Mars. In which starting out small utilizing BRUNO been modified to the flight design asspects to integrate BRYAN modified towards Martian Gravity with Six flexible metrically wheels to withstand those harsher Mars environments than to Curiosity in which each wheel is steering independently from each other in which to achieve a direct path routine, also Advances in software enables the Rover to correct itself to avoid any slips…….

As for optically Stereo Cameras on the mast image the local terrain among with various instrumentally packages there are nine in which to analyse the Martian Soil content for life from past to present..  One other instrument is the drill in which penetrate two meters below the surface find examples that was protected from solar radiation…

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