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On 25th June 2017, is the launch from that Iconic NASA- Kennedy Space Center– Launch pad Launch Complex 39A, that Launched the Apollo Mission also the Space Shuttle Mission Known as the STS- Space Transportation Systems.. That Space X Launch is the launch of Bulgaria’s first Geo stationary communications satellite, Bulgaria Sat-one… is first in its history…  The launch is within fourteen hours. As the launch Window commerce from 1410 t Eastern Date time in the Afternoon in which thirty five minutes of the launch the BulgariaSat-1 is deployed finally… also its retaining a tradition again on landing a reusable Falcon nine first stage…. On a Drone ship ““Of Course I Still Love You’ in which will be station off shore stationary awaitingly on the Atlantic Ocean least ten minutes after the launch..

The BulgariaSat-1 is Bulgaria first Geo Stationary communication satellite….  In which was constructed contracted built SSL- Space System Loral a Palo Alto California company based on the 1300 series platforms. The Communications provisions providing various sorts of high velocity communications to south eastern regions of Europe…. In HDTV also Ultra…… the location of the BulgariaSat-1 is placed at 1.9 degrees East longitude..

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