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In Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, Located at 1 Expo Dr, Wan Chai, Hong Kong is the HKCEC – Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center onwards from 24th towards 26th August 2018 is the ICBC Asia 2018 Esports and music festival returning for the summer with a massive 2018 E-Sports Tournaments in Return of Legends PUBG- Players Underground Battleground world invitation

In which events at Hall Three, is an invitation Return of legends whom have won previous tournaments of former also current Pro- Player Gamers in whom have won previous tournaments in the Riot League of Legends World Championship, European and North American LOL Championship Series (LCS), Garena Premier League (GPL), League of Legends Master Series (LMS), Intel Extream Masters (IEM), IGN Pro League (IPL), DreamHack Summer  in which there will be two assemble teams that make up the from the Return of legends Team EMF  Eastern Vs. Western..

In which there’s two other major tournaments that happening one of the two  is the Hong Kong PUBG world invitational with the top fourteen professional PUBG teams set to battle it out a the Hong Kong Qualifier level..   Where it’s sort out in where Return on Legends of Team EMF Eastern vs Western in which covers sixteen teams in which it’s covered In between two weekend days of 25th Saturday 26th August 2018 with eight round tournaments with two sets of game modes TPP – Third Person perspective also in FPP- First person perspective .. in two different maps MIRAMAR also ERANGEL maps..  in which among the tournament of that weekend is The world’s top 16 professional PUBG teams, including the two winning teams from the Hong Kong Qualifier, come together in a battle for supremacy……

The event is run by the Hong Kong Government partners of Discover Hong Kong- Hong Kong Tourism Board with Brand Hong Kong in collaboration with ICBC – ZOTAC, CLP- Zenox-Logitech Republic of GamersDorsett Hotels –PCCW Global with CHKCI

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