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As Cathay Pacific Airways takes its first milestone Airbus 350-1000 XWB on the month of June 2018 in which became the second carrier airliner operator on the A350-1000 series…  In which Cathay Pacific takes order of twenty orders… in which Air China has taken its first delivery of its first Airbus 350-900 XWB on August 2018, in which this this is the first of ten that they order..  in which Air China’s Airbus 350-900 series Order number N0167 early this month recently received its first out ten orders.. In which Sichuan Airlines have ordered the same amount also..

In which following Cathay Pacific Airway’s trendsetting fashion s direction in purchasing Airbus 350’s variant series in which most Asian airliners do now .as following its Sichuan Airline turn follow with its first A350XWB- 900 series in which as the components comes together in Airbus final manufacturing plant in Toulouse, France for the construction all the components that makes into an airliner with its Roll Royce Trent XWB’s install with a very cute panda livery with the Sichuan Airlines colour livery… featuring with innovative  Airbus Airspace Cabin it features with a two class layout format of three hundred and thirty one seats, with twenty eight business, three hundred and three seats for Economy.. flying with its new Panda livery indicating it’s new international Panda routes  in which testing on that route domestically then internationally.

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